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I Am The True Vine – Stay Connected

John chapters fifteen and sixteen record the last in-depth conversation that Jesus had with His disciples. It was time to leave the upper room, where they had shared the last supper together. Maybe they were gathering themselves together to leave, or they were already out on the road walking to Gethsemane. Jesus knew that His time had come to fulfil His purpose. In these last hours, Jesus said; “I am the true vine.”

This is the seventh I AM statement of Jesus. It brings to perfect completion His description of His ministry and purpose. It is the most intimate statement – spoken to those who were His closest disciples. In the final moments of Jesus’ earthly ministry He makes a plea to stay connected to Him!

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The Meaning of the Parable of the Sower Today

Jesus often spoke to the crowds of people who followed Him in parables. These were stories with hidden meanings and He rarely interpreted them. But there is one well-known story where Jesus not only explains what it means but also why He chose to speak in parables. As we explore the meaning of the parable of the sower, we dig deeper into the relevance of Jesus’ words for our lives today.

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Which Parable Teaches Us About Persistence in Prayer?

Jesus loved to tell a story, sometimes a simple short story with a clear meaning. At other times a deeper message is hidden within descriptions of familiar sights and events. Jesus didn’t actually teach much about prayer – He prayed, alone, and in the company of His disciples. But in the gospel of Luke there are, not one but, two parables about persevering in prayer. The context and the application of the stories are different so what is so important about persistence in prayer?

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What Does the Parable of the Talents Mean?

Jesus often taught spiritual concepts through the means of a story. Sometimes the message seems to be hidden and on one occasion the disciples asked Jesus to explain what He meant. But the purpose of a parable is to get our attention and make us reflect on the deeper meaning within the story. At first glance this parable seems to be about multiplication, or is there more to it? What does the parable of the talents mean to you?

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Why is Listening to God in Prayer Important?

Listening is an essential part of communication, it is just as important to listen as it is to share. Have you ever experienced a one-sided relationship with someone who wants to talk about themselves all the time, but never seems to be interested in what you have to say? If you have, then you will know how difficult it is to deepen that friendship. When that is true of our personal relationships how much more important is it to develop the skill of listening to God in prayer as well as talking to Him.

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What Makes a Modern Day Good Samaritan?

What makes a modern day good Samaritan? I read this phrase in the newspapers recently, when journalists were reporting on an unexpected act of kindness. In a hostile situation, with two people on opposing sides, one man went out of his way to help another. The press labelled him ‘a modern day good samaritan.’

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