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God of Restoration – Healing our Brokenness

Restoration simply means returning something to its original condition. Our belief that God is a God of restoration is the basis of our hope, and it is fundamental to our faith as Christians. We are reconciled to God, and our relationship with Him is restored forever, by faith in Jesus Christ. But that is only the beginning, God is the Master restorer and His restoration work reaches out to ALL things!

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10 Best Books on Spiritual Warfare!

As Christians we often seem to fall into two groups regarding spiritual warfare. We either completely ignore the fact that we are in a spiritual battle, or we blame Satan for all of our problems. There are many books on spiritual warfare that provide clear, practical, and helpful teaching on this subject. If you have questions, and are searching for clarity, then check out these books on spiritual warfare – it could be life changing!

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Fix Your Thoughts On What Is True – Think on These Things!

Fix your thoughts on what is true is more than a catchphrase – it is essential to our spiritual wellbeing! The apostle Paul understood the influence of our thoughts, that what we allow to occupy our minds will eventually affect what we say and what we do. And so, he encourages us to focus, and to meditate on the truth because of the benefits that it brings.

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What Does ‘Live A Life Worthy of Your Calling’ Mean?

I wonder what you think when you read this phrase ‘to live a life worthy of your calling’? What response does it stir in you? For some it could be a feeling of dread, that there are demands being made that we may not be able to fulfil. The thought that we might not be good enough, not worthy, that we will fail and let the Lord down. But the words are an exhortation, written to inspire and encourage, not to condemn us….

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Top 20 Verses in Proverbs About Wisdom

In the Bible the book of Proverbs is a collection of ‘sayings of the wise’. These were written mainly by king Solomon, but not solely by him. As a young man, Solomon asked God for the gift of wisdom to enable him to lead the nation of Israel. The wisdom he was seeking was not just about knowledge, but to have the discernment to apply what he learned.  I’ve selected these twenty verses in Proverbs about wisdom as the message they bring is relevant for our lives today.

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Godly Wisdom Versus Worldly Wisdom, What Is The Difference?

Everyone wants to be wise because we all want to know and understand what is happening in life. Since the beginning of time wisdom has been a much sought-after attribute. In the Garden of Eden, Satan used this desire for wisdom to tempt Eve. What appeals to our nature and seems like good advice may in fact be just the opposite. It is important then to understand the difference between godly wisdom versus worldly wisdom…

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