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Why Is Church Important To Us Today?

Why is church important? However long we have been a Christian at some stage we all seem to face that question. Being part of a church is not always easy, and not always what it should be. The traditions and style of church services are varied and diverse and hat alone can be controversial and divisive. But at its best what is church all about?

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What Is The Mystery of the Gospel?

A mystery is something strange or unknown, something that has been kept hidden and has not yet been explained or understood. Some people love the ‘mysterious’ and like to create that atmosphere of secrecy around themselves, a place, or a set of circumstances. The idea that certain information is only available to a select few, can give a sense of power and control. But the gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ, is for all – for whosoever chooses to believe. The gospel is to be proclaimed, to be shared, and spread into the whole world. What then does the phrase, the mystery of the gospel mean?

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12 Best Podcasts for Christian Women

There is a huge range of Podcasts out there for you to listen to on almost any and every subject. The selection listed here is specifically podcasts for Christian women on prayer, faith-filled life, and Bible study. They are a great resource packed full of information, encouragement, and inspiration for our daily life. Check out the list and I hope it will inspire you to have a listen!

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What is Christian Freedom?

The early church, asked many of the same questions as we do today – what is Christian freedom? And although some of the cultural issues may be different the same essential question is relevant to us today. Could I, Would I, Should I? What can I do, what will I do, and what should I do as a Christian in different situations and circumstances? Christian freedom is important as it is reflected in our conduct, so what does Scripture say about the believers’ freedom?

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Looking Ahead with Confidence in God

There is only one place where we can put our hope for the future without fear of being let down. If we are looking ahead and placing our hope in the government, election results, political deals, our employer, or any relationship, we may be sadly disappointed. But if instead we place our confidence in God, who loves and cares for us, we will not be overwhelmed even if, or when, the unexpected happens.

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Exploring How to Walk in Love, Three Ways!

Do you enjoy walking, or do you just view it as something necessary to get to your destination?  These days we have a choice as to when and where we walk, but at one time it was the main mode of transport and walking was very much part of everyday life.  In the Bible, the way we ‘walk’ is used as an analogy to describe our lifestyle and our daily relationship with God.  Scripture is full of advice on how to walk in love and the freedom that is ours when we do!

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