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10 Top Christian Podcasts on Spotify To Strengthen Our Faith!

Have you listened to any Christian podcasts recently? There is a great selection available on Spotify, a free App that is available to download to your phone, tablet, or computer. They have a broad ’Religion & Spirituality’ category which can make it time-consuming to search and find something good to listen to. But, I have created a list here of some of the best Christian podcasts on Spotify – these are my favorites!

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If God Does Not Show Partiality Neither Should We

The early church was initially made up of predominantly Jewish Christians. But the heart of the gospel message required a seismic shift in their way of thinking. What their culture and tradition had embedded within them was blown away by God’s grace. This new life in Christ and the royal law of His kingdom was transformational. They began to realize that God does not show partiality, and so neither should we!

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Consider It Pure Joy When Faced With Trials?

There are many self-help techniques today that encourage us to stay calm in the middle of life’s trials. Keep calm and carry on has become a popular slogan for difficult and trying circumstances. In the Book of James, however, the author says something quite startling. We are to consider it pure joy, all joy, or nothing but joy when we are faced with trials and tribulations. But how is it possible to find joy through adversity?

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Who Wrote The Book of James A Practical Guide For Christians?

The book of James in the Bible is a letter that consists of five short chapters. Each one is packed with practical advice for Christian living. The author acknowledges the fact that life is not always straightforward. But he brings encouragement for us to live with an active enduring faith. The emphasis is on a consistent lifestyle, and a faith that works. There is much that is similar to the teachings of Jesus, so who wrote the book of James?

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Lent Books Ten Top Choices of New Devotionals!

Lent is a tradition marked by Christians today as a period of preparation for the Easter celebration. It is considered to be a time for reflection, and repentance while intentionally seeking God. Traditionally this was through prayer and fasting, now it may be more through creating the space to read, listen, and reflect on God’s word. If this is the case and you are practising Lent, maybe for the first time, I have a great choice of Lent books. In this selection there is something for everyone. There is a book to follow for family devotions and several for Bible students. I’ve also included some daily devotionals, and even one with messy ideas for the creatives among us!

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25 Bible Verses of Hope And Encouragement

There are seasons in life when we all struggle with difficult circumstances. Our situation may even seem hopeless to us. But this is exactly the time when we need to strengthen our faith in the truth of God’s word with verses of hope and encouragement. As we read again of God’s love, and remember His past faithfulness, we are encouraged to continue to place our hope in Him.

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