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How Does Perfect Love Cast out Fear?

There are times when we all experience fear of the unknown and what the future may hold, it is a natural reaction to threatening or intimidating situations. But feeling trapped by fear and anxiety is a growing problem and impacting many lives today. Scripture tells us that perfect love casts out fear – one of those phrases that can be said easily and glibly. But what does it mean? How does perfect love cast out fear?

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10 Books on Spiritual Warfare for Victorious Living!

As Christians, we love to focus on God’s promises, the blessings, and to see His goodness in our daily lives. But, to live fully the abundant life that Jesus has won for us, we also need an awareness that we are in a spiritual battle. Our enemy is defeated, but Satan battles on to snatch and steal from our destiny. We need to understand his tactics and how to overcome them. Here is a selection of Christian books on spiritual warfare to help and encourage us to live in victory!

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4 Ways To Take Every Thought Captive

There is a spiritual battle for our minds, as our thoughts impact every area of our lives. Our ideas and opinions about ourselves and others, and even about God, reflect what we absorb into our minds. To take every thought captive is to bring our way of thinking into line with the truth of the victory of Jesus. Then, and only then, can we begin to live the abundant life, in the fullness of His victory!

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Is God Ever Disappointed in Us?

The definition of disappointing is to fail to fulfil hopes or expectations. Sometimes we place our expectations on other people and are disappointed when they don’t behave in the way we think that they should. And sometimes we are disappointed in ourselves when we don’t live up to our own expectations. But, is God ever disappointed in us?

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What Does it Mean to Guard Your Heart Above All Else?

There are many phrases in the Biblical book of Proverbs, that have become popular sayings today. They were written by king Solomon, and are widely recognized as words of wisdom. After all, that was God’s gift to him and, through these words, to us. Some of the sayings are clear and easy to understand, but others cause us to pause and reflect. Guard your heart above all else, is one of those proverbs that make you think, what does that really mean?

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10 Bible Verses About Investing in Others

“Investing in people” has become something of a catchphrase, but simply it means encouraging others to be or to do more. This can be by giving opportunities to other people and by investing our time and effort into their lives. The definition of encouraging includes to ‘stimulate the development’ or ‘persuade someone to do something by giving support and advice’. But, as Christians, if we adopt a concept from popular culture, we need to remember that God’s ways are often very different. There are Bible verses about investing in others that reveal some radical principles!

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