Bible Study Resources

I love Bible study and my passion is to share and encourage others to dig deeper into the Bible, to read and explore God’s Word for themselves. This is the place to find bible study resources to encourage, develop, and deepen, our love for God’s word!

To start, it is helpful to have a good Study Bible in a translation that you feel comfortable with, and find easy to read and understand. In Finding the Best Study Bible for Women I review a great selection, in different translations and styles.

For summer reading here is a list of my favourite newly released Christian books, fiction and non-fiction – there is something for everyone.

If you listen regularly to Podcasts here are some recommendations from my playlist. Or if you have never listened to a podcast – have a read, you might be encouraged to start! 10 Top Christian Podcasts.

Bible Study Resources – Free Printables

A library of free printable Bible Study resources, scripture verse printables (topical reading plans, character study notes to follow shortly!). Click on the link to choose and download.

NEW! Just added the Beatitudes Scripture Verse Art, N.IV and TPT

Bible Study Resources – Free Printables

Scripture Memory Cards

Click on the link to download free Scripture Memory Cards A selection of favourite Bible verses to inspire and assist in memorizing Scripture.

Scripture Colouring pages

NEW! Just added x6 Gratitude Scripture Colouring pages.

Free download Scripture Colouring Pages – click on the link for the full selection. A great way to relax and at the same time reflect on words of encouragement from God’s word.

Books – Bible Study and spiritual growth.

Light for the Shadows – I have a little booklet available on Amazon UK, US which is an A-Z of scriptural promises and declarations of faith. In the blog post, Light for the Shadows – A-Z God’s Promises, I explain a little bit of the inspiration behind collecting and writing these scriptures, and how when I needed some encouragement I had them with me.

Moving On, People Watching – This book is four Bible Studies, dealing with some of the issues which can prevent us from moving on in our journey of faith. I share a little more about the book in ‘Why Life Must Be Lived Forwards’. And the book is available on Amazon UK, US. Paperback and Kindle Edition.

Faith Talk – I am delighted to be included in this collection of international contributing authors, with a short piece titled: “A Friend Who is Always by My Side.” Available on Amazon from 23rd August 2021.