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The Divine Name Yahweh LORD

In the Old Testament, the name for God as Yahweh occurs more than 6,800 times and it appears in nearly every book. Because it only comes into use after Exodus chapter three, the name Yahweh LORD became forever associated with God’s redeeming acts. But did you know, there is some mystery about the origin of the divine name Yahweh LORD?

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What Was The Last Prayer Of Jesus?

As Jesus approached Jerusalem for the Passover celebration He knew that His time was short, the hour when opposition to His ministry would reach its climax was fast approaching. But Jesus would share one last Passover supper with His disciples. In those final moments with those who were closest to Him, the last prayer of Jesus reveals what was important to Him. This is what He wanted to say again, what He wanted the disciples to remember, and what He wanted us to know!

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Hannah’s Prayer – 6 Powerful Lessons for Today

In the Bible Hannah’s prayer is found at the beginning of 1 Samuel. In fact, there are two prayers recorded and they are set apart by a couple of years. The first is with tears and a desperate vow, but the second prayer is regarded as a song of praise and worship. Hannah had received the answer to her prayer and moved from despair in her situation to delight in God. What lessons can we learn from her prayer for our lives today?

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7 Characteristics of Barnabas in the Bible

In the early church, there was a man who was commended by the Apostles for having the gift of encouragement. That man was Barnabas and he stood out, not so much by the words that he spoke, but by his actions. The characteristics of Barnabas reveal the spiritual gift of encouragement in its many different forms. A gift that we all need to give and receive!

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Who is Barnabas in the Bible?

At the beginning of the life of the early church we read of one man who stands out because of his generosity towards the poor. This was a man from Cyprus, a Levite, called Joseph. He was recognized by the Apostles as a man with the gift of encouragement. But who is Barnabas in the Bible, wasn’t he known as an encourager?

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