Welcome to the limitless horizon of God’s grace

Limitless horizon is a place to explore a love for God’s word together. It is in His word that we learn of God’s character, and I believe that it is through His word that we come to know and love Him. When we break open God’s word, the light of revelation shines out, which draws us into a deeper relationship with Him. It is through His word that we understand the covenant of God’s grace that is flowing towards us. The choice is ours to accept and receive the promises of His word – life-saving, life sustaining, and life empowering!

Look up and out to the horizon!

I believe that through the encouragement of God’s word, we can in faith, see the possibilities and not the restrictions in any given situation. When we adjust our perspective, and take our view off our own circumstances, and look up instead to the great and immeasurable power of God. Then we can see there is a new season waiting, and start to look out with expectancy at the limitless horizon of God’s grace!

Join the journey!

I love studying scripture, especially through the life stories of those within the pages of the Bible. Their experiences still have the power to bring insight, and spiritual truths that we can apply to our lives today. There are Bible study posts, short reflections, and the occasional book review, of loved, and highly recommended books. Be blessed today in God’s word!

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