The Prayer of Jabez In The Bible – Faith or Formula?

The prayer of Jabez in the Bible appears as a sidenote in a long list of genealogies. It is a short simple prayer, but one that captures our attention and appeals to our senses. There are many questions about the interpretation of this prayer. Is it a formula, or a pattern, that we can use in our own prayers? Does it encourage our faith to pray in a similar way? To try and answer those questions we need to examine the Scriptures and reflect on the true meaning of the prayer of Jabez…

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Lent Books Ten Top Choices of New Devotionals!

Lent is a tradition marked by Christians today as a period of preparation for the Easter celebration. It is considered to be a time for reflection, and repentance while intentionally seeking God. Traditionally this was through prayer and fasting, now it may be more through creating the space to read, listen, and reflect on God’s word. If this is the case and you are practising Lent, maybe for the first time, I have a great choice of Lent books. In this selection there is something for everyone. There is a book to follow for family devotions and several for Bible students. I’ve also included some daily devotionals, and even one with messy ideas for the creatives among us!

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What Are The Most Important Prayers of Jesus?

During His earthly ministry Jesus prayed publicly many times, for individuals and for crowds of people. But what are the most important prayers of Jesus, the ones that are particularly significant for our lives? Jesus taught on prayer, and He gave us a prayer to pray. But He also interceded and prayed for us, His future disciples. The most powerful prayer, however, is a simple cry from Jesus’ heart to the Father and His greatest gift to us. Let’s explore further these prayers of Jesus and their significance for our lives today….

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Powerful Prayers In The Bible For Life Today!

Are you looking to refresh your prayer life? Then here is a gentle reminder of the two spiritual weapons that we have been given, the Word of God and Prayer. Bringing them together is powerful because God’s word never returns to Him void – it always has an effect; it makes a difference. Studying prayers in the Bible and making them our own becomes a powerful way to pray. Scripture is full of Biblical prayers so I have chosen 7 of the most powerful prayers in the Bible to explore here…

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20 Christian Books on Prayer to Inspire and Refresh

Prayer in essence is simple, and yet there are times when we all seem to find it hard. Are you struggling with your prayer life at the moment? Then take a moment to read through some of these recommendations of Christian books on prayer. There are book reviews for some of the best books about prayer, these include new titles as well as a few classics. But I have also added some devotional books of daily prayers. All of these are tools to help us develop and deepen our relationship with God.

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Wide angle picture of a vineyard, with row after row of vines.
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The Laborers in the Vineyard – Justice or Generosity?

Jesus loved to teach through parables because of the richness and depth of the message often hidden in the story. The parable of the laborers in the vineyard seems at first like a straight-forward account, but it raises so many questions. It confronts us with the counterculture of the kingdom of God and our natural inclination to comparison and competitiveness. Does this story offend our sense of justice or is it more about the generosity of God?

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