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Exploring How to Walk in Love, Three Ways!

Do you enjoy walking, or do you just view it as something necessary to get to your destination?  These days we have a choice as to when and where we walk, but at one time it was the main mode of transport and walking was very much part of everyday life.  In the Bible, the way we ‘walk’ is used as an analogy to describe our lifestyle and our daily relationship with God.  Scripture is full of advice on how to walk in love and the freedom that is ours when we do!

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Ruth the Moabitess A Model of Faithfulness

The story of Ruth in the Bible is only four short chapters packed with detail of what is basically a real love story – but not romantic love! Ruth was a young woman from Moab, the neighboring country to Israel during the time of the Judges. The characteristics of Ruth demonstrate a model of faithfulness. But how did Ruth the Moabitess become the one to reflect God’s love so clearly?

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20 Bible Verses About Integrity for Life Today

We may have different ideas about what it means to be a person of integrity. This will be based on our own spiritual and moral standards which can vary depending on our culture and upbringing. Christian integrity, however, is founded in Scripture. When we look at Bible verses about integrity, we begin to see how important it is to God and foundational to our faith.

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Biblical Affirmations Bringing Light for the Shadows

Biblical affirmations are simply verses of Scripture that affirm who we are in Christ Jesus. The focus is not on who we are, what we’ve done, or even what we can become. The verses that bring encouragement and hope remind us of God’s faithfulness and all that has been won for us in Christ. Focusing on Scripture in this way is powerful and effective. It cleanses the darkness of this world from our minds and brings the light of life – the truth of Jesus Christ.

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New Release Christian Books

If you are looking for something to read, then these are my latest recommendations of new release Christian books. This is a great way of checking out a variety of new books without leaving the comfort of your home! I have selected a mix of new Christian fiction releases, which is a fairly new genre for me, alongside some of the best in the Christian books non-fiction category. There are also some new Christian authors that I’ve come across and would like to introduce to you. I hope you will find something here to read, inspire, and enjoy!

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Your Statutes Are my Heritage Forever

Where is your inheritance? The majority of us have not inherited wealth, property, or land from our families. But as Christians, we have a spiritual heritage that is worth far more! Do we really understand what has been gifted to us in Christ Jesus and the riches that we have in the word of God? If we do we can join with the psalmist in saying, ‘Your statutes are my heritage forever – and the joy of my heart!’

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