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The Magnificat – Mary’s Song of Praise

For many people one of the strongest associations with Christmas is the carols and familiar songs that we hear at this special time of year. The celebration of Christmas has inspired so many great lyrics and tunes! This is nothing new, the account of the nativity story includes many songs of hope and joy. The first recorded Christmas song is in Scripture and known as The Magnificat. This is Mary’s song of praise as she pours out her heart in worship to God.

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Why Is Jesus The Lion of The Tribe of Judah?

The lion of the tribe of Judah is one of the more unusual names for Jesus, but it is also an important one. It is a title that says so much and reveals the faithfulness of God in fulfilling His word. In this name of Jesus there is symbolism and the fulfilment of a promise. It is also a title with great significance and one that brings hope for the future for those who love the Lord.

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25 Bible Verses of Hope And Encouragement

There are seasons in life when we all struggle with difficult circumstances. Our situation may even seem hopeless to us. But this is exactly the time when we need to strengthen our faith in the truth of God’s word with verses of hope and encouragement. As we read again of God’s love, and remember His past faithfulness, we are encouraged to continue to place our hope in Him.

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What Does The Bible Say About Thankfulness And Gratitude?

Choosing to be grateful is generally accepted as being good for our physical and emotional health. But is it important for our spiritual health? What exactly does the Bible say about thankfulness and gratitude? Let’s have a closer look at these principles and why they are so important to us today…

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Does God Collect Our Tears In A Bottle?

Where does this idea that God might collect our tears in a bottle come from? And why does it inspire so many paintings and poems? If you’ve never heard this phrase before, or have heard it but don’t understand the relevance, then read on. We will explore where it is found in Scripture, the context of the verse, and why it brings comfort to so many people.

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Looking For The Best Advent Devotionals?

It is so easy in the busyness of the Christmas season to lose sight of the reason we are celebrating. If you are looking for some of the best Advent devotionals then I’ve selected a range of books for you to explore. Advent devotionals are a great resource to focus our thoughts on the true meaning of Christmas. There are daily advent devotionals for personal reflection, advent devotionals for families, and small groups. There is a book for everyone on this list!

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