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Who was Tabitha in the Bible?

Sometimes there is confusion as to who was Tabitha in the Bible. Why is this? Her story is found in the book of Acts, at the time when persecution had caused the early church to scatter. Tabitha’s story emerges through the travels of the apostle Peter, as the gospel began to spread out from Jerusalem into the surrounding areas. Who was she and what did Tabitha do?

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What Are The Three Promises God Made To Abraham?

One night God spoke to Abraham in a vision with a word of encouragement. But his worries and concerns seemed greater than the reality of God’s promises. What happened next changed his future and a moment of doubt became the foundation of Abraham’s faith. What are the three promises God made to Abraham in Genesis fifteen? And what changed his perspective to enable him to believe?

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Who Were The Female Disciples of Jesus? Is It Important To Know?

Sometimes we focus on the twelve disciples of Jesus, those men whom He had called to accompany Him throughout His public ministry. But what often goes unnoticed is the number of female disciples of Jesus who were part of His support team. Their role was also significant and acknowledged by the Lord…

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The Prodigal Son Story – 7 Things You Need To Know

In His lifetime Jesus told many parables, these were stories about familiar situations and everyday objects. This was a great way to get the attention of His listeners, while indirectly making a spiritual point. Those who were interested in what Jesus had to say, would reflect on the story and try to understand the deeper message. The prodigal son story is one of the most well-known of the parables and there may be times when we see ourselves, or those that we love, in this story in unexpected ways…

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Why Is The Story Of John The Baptist Important?

The story of John the Baptist is highly significant as his birth, life, and ministry, reveal the fulfilment of many of God’s promises. John the Baptist lived at a unique time in history, as one era ended and another began, and his story is relevant to us today. He was a man who knew his calling, who had the privilege of serving the Lord Jesus, and who kept the faith to the very end.

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Martha And Mary A Reminder To Choose The Best!

In the small village of Bethany about two miles from Jerusalem, on the slopes of the Mount of Olives, lived two sisters with their brother. This small family group were all good friends with Jesus and enjoyed spending time in His company. The story of Jesus visiting the home of Martha and Mary, reveals the balance between service and devotion. In the interaction between the two sisters, Jesus brings a gentle reminder to choose what is best…

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