Faith in the ever-present God enables us to see the possibilities in our situation rather than all the restrictions!


I believe in exploring, in faith, the possibilities within any given situation – rather than focusing on the restrictions. To lift up my eyes to God and to look out with expectancy, to the limitless horizon!

I love studying God’s word, especially through the life stories of those within the pages of the Bible.

Stories that have the power to bring understanding and insight, and as we learn from their experiences, spiritual truths that we can apply to our lives today.

‘People Watching’ is something a lot of us do, whether we realise it or not – it is defined as ‘observing people in a public place’. It is fascinating how much we can learn from other people, just by stopping to observe, and then consequently what we find out about ourselves! Check out the ‘Books’ page for more….

Limitless horizon of God’s grace
Freedom of the wide open spaces

Seeing possibilities, not restrictions!

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