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Why Is Church Important To Us Today?

Why is church important? However long we have been a Christian at some stage we all seem to face that question. Being part of a church is not always easy, and not always what it should be. The traditions and style of church services are varied and diverse and hat alone can be controversial and divisive. But at its best what is church all about?

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Bible Study

The Widow of Zarephath Directed by God

There are many women in the Bible who were unseen and overlooked in their time and culture and you might say little seems to have changed. But, we can find encouragement in the fact that they were seen and directed by God into His plans and purposes. The widow of Zarephath was such a woman and we find her story in a few verses of 1 Kings chapter 17. She played a small part in the bigger picture of God’s covenant relationship with Israel but for her, it was lifesaving and life-enhancing!

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Bible Study

Elijah and the Ravens at the Kerith Brook

The story of Elijah and the ravens is found in a few verses of Old Testament Scripture. At first glance, it may seem a simple account of God providing in a miraculous way for His prophet. But there are also important lessons here for us regarding God’s provision and protection when life takes an unexpected turn…

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Bible Study

Bible Study on Deborah – An Inspirational Woman of God

There are many inspirational stories in Scripture of men and women who in many ways were just like us. Although their stories are set in a different time and culture, human nature has not changed. We still share many similar experiences, emotions, and challenges today. This Bible Study on Deborah is a comprehensive guide through her story with lessons that are relevant to our lives!

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Bible Study

What is the Significance of the Shepherds at Jesus’ Birth?

In Biblical Israel, nomadic shepherds lived a lowly life with their flocks, providing all the care that the sheep needed. They would guide their sheep by day to find food and watch over them at night. Being a shepherd wasn’t just a job but a lifestyle, often lonely and isolated from other people. What is the significance then of the shepherds at Jesus’ birth? Why were they invited and included in the celebration?

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Christian Living

What Is The Mystery of the Gospel?

A mystery is something strange or unknown, something that has been kept hidden and has not yet been explained or understood. Some people love the ‘mysterious’ and like to create that atmosphere of secrecy around themselves, a place, or a set of circumstances. The idea that certain information is only available to a select few, can give a sense of power and control. But the gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ, is for all – for whosoever chooses to believe. The gospel is to be proclaimed, to be shared, and spread into the whole world. What then does the phrase, the mystery of the gospel mean?

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