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Does God Collect Our Tears In A Bottle?

Where does this idea that God might collect our tears in a bottle come from? And why does it inspire so many paintings and poems? If you’ve never heard this phrase before, or have heard it but don’t understand the relevance, then read on. We will explore where it is found in Scripture, the context of the verse, and why it brings comfort to so many people.

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What Is The Meaning of Psalm 13?

What is the meaning of Psalm 13? It is a psalm, and a prayer, that we can all identify with when waiting on God becomes difficult. Life can be tough, and even now, many of us are still waiting on God to answer prayer. Sometimes it may appear as if God is not responding to our situation and that is painful. But there is hope, in the message and meaning of Psalm 13, for all those who are waiting on God…

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What Was The Last Prayer Of Jesus?

As Jesus approached Jerusalem for the Passover celebration He knew that His time was short, the hour when opposition to His ministry would reach its climax was fast approaching. But Jesus would share one last Passover supper with His disciples. In those final moments with those who were closest to Him, the last prayer of Jesus reveals what was important to Him. This is what He wanted to say again, what He wanted the disciples to remember, and what He wanted us to know!

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Hannah’s Prayer – 6 Powerful Lessons for Today

In the Bible Hannah’s prayer is found at the beginning of 1 Samuel. In fact, there are two prayers recorded and they are set apart by a couple of years. The first is with tears and a desperate vow, but the second prayer is regarded as a song of praise and worship. Hannah had received the answer to her prayer and moved from despair in her situation to delight in God. What lessons can we learn from her prayer for our lives today?

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React or Act? Lessons from Nehemiah’s Prayer

When you hear bad news of events that are occurring in your country, does it ever make you cry with sadness, anger, or frustration? Does it make you feel powerless, that there is nothing that you can do? Although of course, we all feel that someone, should do something! But if we have a strong reaction to bad news, do we take it straight to God? Nehemiah’s prayer is an example of someone whose reaction to bad news drove them into action.

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