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The Widow of Zarephath Directed by God

There are many women in the Bible who were unseen and overlooked in their time and culture and you might say little seems to have changed. But, we can find encouragement in the fact that they were seen and directed by God into His plans and purposes. The widow of Zarephath was such a woman and we find her story in a few verses of 1 Kings chapter 17. She played a small part in the bigger picture of God’s covenant relationship with Israel but for her, it was lifesaving and life-enhancing!

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Elijah and the Ravens at the Kerith Brook

The story of Elijah and the ravens is found in a few verses of Old Testament Scripture. At first glance, it may seem a simple account of God providing in a miraculous way for His prophet. But there are also important lessons here for us regarding God’s provision and protection when life takes an unexpected turn…

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Bible Study on Deborah – An Inspirational Woman of God

There are many inspirational stories in Scripture of men and women who in many ways were just like us. Although their stories are set in a different time and culture, human nature has not changed. We still share many similar experiences, emotions, and challenges today. This Bible Study on Deborah is a comprehensive guide through her story with lessons that are relevant to our lives!

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What is the Significance of the Shepherds at Jesus’ Birth?

In Biblical Israel, nomadic shepherds lived a lowly life with their flocks, providing all the care that the sheep needed. They would guide their sheep by day to find food and watch over them at night. Being a shepherd wasn’t just a job but a lifestyle, often lonely and isolated from other people. What is the significance then of the shepherds at Jesus’ birth? Why were they invited and included in the celebration?

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What is The Secret of Contentment in Christ?

There is a verse of scripture, which I have always loved, that talks about having ‘learned the secret of being content’. This was written by the apostle Paul to the church in Philippi as part of a thank-you for the gifts that they had sent him. Although the gifts were greatly appreciated, the apostle was emphasizing that we can know true contentment in Christ regardless of our circumstances.

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The Victory Song of Deborah

The Bible is full of songs, written on different occasions and for a variety of reasons. A song was a form of storytelling and a way of recording what had happened for future generations. Many people find it easier to remember a song, so using a song to retell important events meant they were not forgotten. The Song of Deborah is a poetic celebration of a great victory when God fought for Israel and destroyed their enemy in battle. There are though some surprising twists to the story…

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