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10 Top Christian Podcasts on Spotify

Have you listened to a podcast recently? There is a great selection available on Spotify, a free app that you can download to your phone, tablet, or computer. There are other sites available, Apple and Google are also popular. Most have a ’Religion & Spirituality’ category which is broad, but it can be time consuming to search through to find something suitable to listen to. I have chosen a selection of my top Christian podcasts on Spotify. They have different formats and styles, but they all bring words of encouragement to build and strengthen our faith.

Who Listens to Podcasts?

Statistically podcasts have been listened to by a younger generation. Slowly that is changing, and they are becoming increasingly popular, as you can be more selective in what you listen to. There is a category, and probably a podcast out there, to suit every niche. It is a way of finding articles, discussions, and debates on topics that interest you. But also within our chosen category it is a great way of engaging with a wider world and expanding our thinking. Podcasts can bring a different perspective on a familiar subject, fresh insight, and new information. We can listen to the well-known public figures, or previously unheard voices. The choice is vast, and the choice is ours. I’m sharing with you today, from my playlist, my top Christian Podcasts on Spotify.

What are the Benefits of Listening to Podcasts?

They are informative, thought-provoking, engaging, and enable us to focus our thoughts on something positive while engaging in another task. We know, and understand from Scripture, the importance of guarding our minds and being selective in what we allow our thoughts to dwell on because of the impact it has on our well-being.

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.

Philippians 4:8

Podcasts come into their own, as you can listen ‘on the go.’ It could literally be while you are travelling, or exercising, or as an alternative to music while you are doing something mundane. It is a good way of engaging our minds while we are doing something practical. There are so many tasks that we can do while listening and feeding our spirit with something good. We can be productive and become more informed, or even entertained, all at the same time!

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Top Christian Podcasts on Spotify

10 Top Christian Podcasts on Spotify

This list is not a 1-10 rating, of popularity, or of my preference. I have listed them according to the duration of the episodes. These are my selection of top Christian podcasts on Spotify, although most are available on other sites too. I’m sharing with you some well-known names and some who may be unfamiliar voices, but they all bring their own unique style of encouragement for our faith and daily Christian living.

Slow, Simple, Soulful Podcast – Anna Kettle

A short reflection, with a Scripture verse to meditate on, and a prayer to affirm. The focus of the author and host is on slowing down to connect with God and the benefits of even just spending a few minutes realigning ourselves with Him. Ideal listening for a coffee break!

Duration 5-6 minutes.

Finding Peace in God’s Word – Sarah Geringer

Sarah Geringer is a U.S author, speaker, and blogger and her heart for sharing healing words of Scripture shines through all of her writing. Calm, reflective, and gentle encouragement, in the host’s own words, ‘for people who want Biblical solutions to life’s problems’. A short reflection with Scriptural truth to apply to our daily living.

Duration 5-15 minutes.

Focus on the Family Marriage Podcast

Insights into marriage relationships, with practical tips on keeping the lines of communication open. Focus on the Family bring a Christian perspective for dealing with underlying problems, working through emotional healing, and growing together in your marriage.

“Marriage counselling we often think is for when things are going wrong, but marriage counselling is there to help prevent things going wrong.” Paraphrased from the episode ‘Getting Rid of Unhealthy Assumptions.’

Duration 15 minutes.

Joyce Meyer Radio Podcast  

Life application from the Word of God, in her own clear, direct, style with a depreciating humour. Most of the episodes are ‘multi-part’ topics, taken from longer teachings and broken down into segments. I find Joyce Meyer so good, when you want that clear reminder of basic, and sometimes deeper, truths for practical living of our faith. Sometimes I give an ouch, but she often makes me smile and declare an Amen!

Duration 15 minutes.

Lucas on Life – Jeff Lucas

Jeff brings his own unique humour and storytelling to help us understand God’s truth. He brings a topical and current commentary on what’s happening in the wider world. But from that, and with his experience as a teaching pastor, author, and speaker, he skillfully draws out spiritual reflection for us to apply to our lives right where we are now.

Duration 10-20 minutes.

Conversations with John & Lisa Bevere

John & Lisa are both international authors and speakers with a host of teaching topics available in different formats. This podcast is – as it says it is – a conversation with John and Lisa where they teach together and I enjoy the interaction between them. Their teaching is direct, clear, and challenging, with a no-compromise attitude towards God’s word.

Duration 20-25 minutes.

J.John – Canon J. John

The host brings clear, considered teaching, delivered in a measured manner on Biblical and topical subjects, for example, ‘Wake up to Wokeness’.

There are also a selection of ‘Facing the Canon’ episodes which are in a talk show style with different guests. There are conversations with Christians from all walks of life, authors, speakers, worship leaders, business leaders, and charity workers. It is encouraging to hear how God is working in other peoples lives today.

Duration 30 minutes.

Dream Big Podcast – Bob Goff and Friends

Dream big – and how to chase your big ambitions!

Some episodes are solely with Bob himself, but mostly an introduction from a host and then a conversation with Bob and a different one of his friends. There are a lot of very well-known names in Christian circles, all with a message of developing expectation in your godly dreams, to lead a fulfilling life now and to impact those around you.

For example: Charlotte Gambill, Anne Lamott, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Joni Eareckson Tada, Bishop Michael Curry, Tim Tebow, Lecrae, Max Lucado…

Duration 30 minutes.

Pastor Rick’s Daily Hope

Our church followed Rick Warren’s ‘The Purpose Driven Life’ as a midweek Bible study several years ago but his latest series is all about prayer. ‘Experience God’s Power through Prayer’ and ’40 Days of Prayer’ are both new sets of teaching which are explored in these short podcasts. If you are looking for clear teaching and encouragement to re-vitalise your prayer life then I would encourage you to listen in to ‘Pastor Rick.’

The Testimony Podcast – Andrew Chamberlain

This podcast is exactly what is says it is, as each episode is a different guest relating their story of faith. Through their own experiences, high and lows, they share the reality of Jesus as companion, guide, and Saviour. The faithfulness of God to reach and relate to each one of us, in all of our diversity, is always a source of encouragement. When you’ve got the time to pause and listen to someone else’s story of enduring faith – this is the place to go.

Duration 40-50 minutes.

What are you listening to, and why are they your favourite? Share in the comments, I would love to hear!

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  1. Seems like this list is missing podcasts specifically for Christian Men. The top ranked podcast on Spotify for Christian Men specifically is the Men in the Arena podcast.

    1. This list is of course my personal recommendations, so I will have a listen to some of the latest episodes on ‘Men in the Arena’ to consider whether it fits – but thanks for reading and commenting.

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