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10 Top Christian Podcasts on Spotify To Strengthen Our Faith!

Have you listened to any Christian podcasts recently? There is a great selection available on Spotify, a free App that is available to download to your phone, tablet, or computer. They have a broad ’Religion & Spirituality’ category which can make it time-consuming to search and find something good to listen to. But, I have created a list here of some of the best Christian podcasts on Spotify – these are my favorites!

Who Listens to Podcasts?

Statistically, podcasts have been listened to by a younger generation. Slowly that is changing and they are becoming increasingly popular. The Christian podcasts are a great way of finding articles, discussions, and debates on any number of Biblical topics.

Also within our chosen category, it is a great way of engaging with a wider world and expanding our thinking. Podcasts can bring a different perspective on a familiar subject, fresh insight, and new information. We can listen to well-known public figures or previously unheard voices.

What are the Benefits of Listening to Podcasts?

Podcasts are informative and often thought-provoking. There is a great choice of Christian podcasts on Spotify. Whether you are looking for a short coffee-break devotional, a sermon message, or the answer to a theological question, there is something for everyone.

Podcasts come into their own, as you can listen anytime. It could be while we are traveling, exercising, or doing a routine task. It is a good way of engaging our minds while we are doing something practical, and feeding our spirit with something good.

Equally, when we want to relax and unwind we can find something good to listen to. The top Christian podcasts on Spotify may have different formats and styles, but they all bring words of encouragement to build and strengthen our faith.

“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.”

Philippians 4:8

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10 Top Christian Podcasts on Spotify

10 Top Christian Podcasts on Spotify

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Here is a small selection of top Christian podcasts on Spotify. I’m sharing some well-known names and others who may be unfamiliar to you at the moment. There are a variety of different types of Christian podcasts, each one with its unique style of encouragement. Bible study podcasts, testimony podcasts, theological discussions, and debating questions of faith. They are all on this list of great podcasts on Spotify. Check it out and find something new to listen to!

Compelled – Compelling Testimony From The Kingdom of God.

Compelled have selected guests who have experienced dramatic encounters with God, to point to His redeeming power. The stories cover all the breadth of those issues that we struggle with today. But, each testimony reveals how God restores and rebuilds broken lives.

If you want to relax, but focus on something that will be good for your spirit, then listen to a testimony on Compelled. Each episode is just under an hour and the story is told by the guest with some background information narrated by the host.

A white logo - an arrowhead within a circle - on a green background for the Compelled Podcast with the text 'Real Christians Remarkable Stories.'

The Bible Project Podcast

A logo for the Bible Project Podcast. A blue background and a speech bubble displaying sound waves with the text 'BibleProject'. One of the 10 top Christian podcasts on Spotify!

There are weekly episodes of around 45 minutes in length and each one covers a specific standalone topic. Although sometimes they may be part of a mini-series or a bigger theme. This Christian podcast takes the format of a conversation between the two hosts. They explore different aspects of the Bible and its application to our lives today.

Sometimes a guest is invited into the studio to add another viewpoint or additional insight to the topic. If you enjoy discussion, and being able to hear Scripture being explained in a culturally relevant way, then this is one of the best Christian podcasts to follow.

Focus on the Family Marriage Podcast

This Christian podcast on Spotify provides insights into marriage relationships, with practical tips on keeping the lines of communication open. The episodes are approximately 15 minutes long but cover big topics! Focus on the Family bring a Christian perspective for dealing with underlying problems, working through emotional healing, and growing together in your marriage.

“Marriage counselling we often think is for when things are going wrong, but marriage counselling is there to help prevent things going wrong.” Paraphrased from the episode ‘Getting Rid of Unhealthy Assumptions.’ Podcast 

A logo for the Podcast with the name in blue text within an oval shape with a big question mark.

This podcast is exactly what it says – a place to look for answers to our questions based on the Bible. There are theological, cultural, and moral questions that are all explored in a short discussion. The host, along with two directors of the podcast refer to Scripture to draw out answers to sometimes simple, but often complex, questions.

This Christian podcast is a good place to look for a balanced viewpoint to direct our own study of God’s word. The episodes are weekly and run for approximately 30 minutes.

Lucas on Life – Jeff Lucas

Jeff brings his unique humor and storytelling skills to help us understand God’s truth. He brings a topical and current commentary on what’s happening in the wider world. But, with his experience as a teaching pastor, author, and speaker, he manages to draw out spiritual reflection for our lives today.

The episodes are short, 10-20 minutes making this a great choice for providing spiritual encouragement within our daily routines!

Conversations with John & Lisa Bevere

John & Lisa are both international authors and speakers with a host of teaching topics available in different formats. This podcast is – as it says it is – a conversation with John and Lisa where they teach together and I enjoy the interaction between them.

The episodes are 20-25 minutes in length, but pack in a lot of content. Their teaching is direct, clear, and challenging, with a no-compromise attitude towards God’s word.

J.John – Canon J. John

The host brings clear, considered teaching, delivered in a measured manner on Biblical and topical subjects with an element of humor. The episodes run for approximately 30 minutes.

There are also a selection of ‘Facing the Canon’ episodes which are in a talk show style with different guests. These include conversations with Christians from all walks of life, authors, speakers, worship leaders, business leaders, and charity workers. It is encouraging to hear how God is working in peoples lives today.

Dream Big Podcast – Bob Goff and Friends

Dream big – and how to chase our big ambitions!

Some episodes are solely with Bob himself, but mostly an introduction from a host and then a conversation with Bob and one of his friends. Each episode runs for about 30 minutes.

These include some well-known people in Christian circles, and they all bring a message of developing expectation in our godly dreams, to lead a fulfilling life now and to impact those around us.

Pastor Rick’s Daily Hope

Our church followed Rick Warren’s ‘The Purpose Driven Life’ as a midweek Bible study several years ago but his latest series is all about prayer. ‘Experience God’s Power through Prayer’ and ’40 Days of Prayer’ are both new sets of teaching which are explored in these short podcasts.

If you are looking for clear teaching and encouragement to re-vitalise your prayer life then I would encourage you to listen in to ‘Pastor Rick’s Daily Hope’.

Max Lucado Encouraging Word Podcast

The logo for Max Lucado Encouraging Word Podcast - blue background with a picture of the author and Pastor in a center circle.

The episodes are approximately 30mins in length with a variety of topics to choose from. Each one has a clear title and description of the content. There is a brief introduction to the podcast from the host, Pastor, and author, Max Lucado. Then with no further ado, straight into an encouraging Biblical word.

The teaching is gentle, but powerful, as Max unpacks Scripture and brings a faith-building message. The talks are often illustrated with a humorous story from everyday life to highlight the relevant application of God’s word.

What Christian podcasts are you listening to, and why are they your favourite? Share in the comments, I would love to hear!

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  1. Seems like this list is missing podcasts specifically for Christian Men. The top ranked podcast on Spotify for Christian Men specifically is the Men in the Arena podcast.

    1. This list is of course my personal recommendations, so I will have a listen to some of the latest episodes on ‘Men in the Arena’ to consider whether it fits – but thanks for reading and commenting.

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