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God Is An Ever-Present Help All The Time

One of the most comforting verses in Scripture is the declaration that God is an ever present help. He is with us in the middle of all life’s problems. God is there, by our side, in any and every situation. He is our safe place, our strength and security. Help is a cry from the heart and when we come to the end of ourselves, and call out, God is there. Because He has promised that He is our intervention, our assistance, and all that we need.

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What is an Advent Jesse Tree?

Our Christian faith can be expressed in so many diverse ways. We have many different traditions, especially for the Christmas season. I enjoy exploring the different ways in which we prepare and celebrate Christ’s birth. If you have not heard of an Advent Jesse tree before, or possibly heard the phrase but are not sure what it means, then this article is for you!

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Why Was Jeremiah Called The Weeping Prophet?

Jeremiah revealed far more about his own thoughts and feelings than any other Old Testament prophet. He had the unenviable task of announcing divine judgement on the kingdom of Judah. His message concerned the coming destruction of Jerusalem and the exile of the people to Babylon. He is often referred to as Jeremiah the weeping prophet, a bearer of bad news. Was he really just a prophet of doom?

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God of Restoration – Healing our Brokenness

Restoration simply means returning something to its original condition. Our belief that God is a God of restoration is the basis of our hope, and it is fundamental to our faith as Christians. We are reconciled to God, and our relationship with Him is restored forever, by faith in Jesus Christ. But that is only the beginning, God is the Master restorer and His restoration work reaches out to ALL things!

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10 Best Books on Spiritual Warfare!

As Christians we often seem to fall into two groups regarding spiritual warfare. We either completely ignore the fact that we are in a spiritual battle, or we blame Satan for all of our problems. There are many books on spiritual warfare that provide clear, practical, and helpful teaching on this subject. If you have questions, and are searching for clarity, then check out these books on spiritual warfare – it could be life changing!

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Fix Your Thoughts On What Is True – Think on These Things!

Fix your thoughts on what is true is more than a catchphrase – it is essential to our spiritual wellbeing! The apostle Paul understood the influence of our thoughts, that what we allow to occupy our minds will eventually affect what we say and what we do. And so, he encourages us to focus, and to meditate on the truth because of the benefits that it brings.

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