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The Pilgrim by Joy Margetts

A wonderful second novel from the author of ‘The Healing – Will a monk’s habit help unlock his identity’. This book is actually a prequel to ‘The Healing’ although the story does stand alone. The series is set in medieval times among the abbeys and holy sites of Wales. One of the supporting characters from ‘The Healing’ becomes the central figure in this story – although to begin with we may find it hard to recognize him! If you’ve never read any Christian historical fiction before then The Pilgrim by Joy Margetts is a great place to start.

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Hold Tightly – For He Who Promised is Faithful

Wherever we are in the world we are all subject to change – sometimes totally unexpected. Unplanned, and sudden change can bring a feeling of uncertainty. When no one knows what is going to happen next it can be very unsettling. But when we trust in God, we can embrace what He is doing by holding the things of this world lightly. Then, at the same time, we hold tightly to the truth of His word – for He who promised is faithful!

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Overcoming Fear with Faith

There are times when we all struggle to live with emotional ease through difficult times. Overcoming fear with faith may even seem unrealistic under the weight of our worries and cares, but God’s word never fails. Sometimes we need a gentle reminder of how much we are loved and what has been provided for us. God’s kingdom is one of righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit – which is a present reality as well as our future hope!

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How Does Perfect Love Cast out Fear?

There are times when we all experience fear of the unknown and what the future may hold, it is a natural reaction to threatening or intimidating situations. But feeling trapped by fear and anxiety is a growing problem and impacting many lives today. Scripture tells us that perfect love casts out fear – one of those phrases that can be said easily and glibly. But what does it mean? How does perfect love cast out fear?

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