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What Does it Mean to Guard Your Heart Above All Things?

There are many verses in the Biblical book of Proverbs, that have become popular sayings today. They were written by king Solomon and are widely recognized as words of wisdom. After all, that was God’s gift to him and, through these words, to us. Some of the sayings are clear and easy to understand, but others cause us to pause and reflect. Guard your heart above ALL things is one of those proverbs that makes you think, what does that really mean?

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Do You Know You Are Valuable to God?

So often we struggle with our identity and feel worthless because we have misguided ideas about our value. But do you know you are valuable to God? His valuation is not determined by how important we are, or even how useful. God’s ways are different, and so much higher, than our ways. Reading and absorbing the truth of God’s word has the power to change our lives as we become secure in our true identity. We are valued by God and His word reveals why…

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Psalm 84 Devotional Why life must be lived forwards!

There is a time for looking back and reflecting on the past. Whether it is at the end of each day, week, month, or year. It can be good to pause and examine our progress and where we are now. But in this Psalm 84 devotional, we explore the idea that life must be lived forward in prayer and praise. This is our strength for the journey to leave the past behind, and to press on, trusting in God each step of the way…

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Lent Books Ten Top Choices for 2023

Lent is a tradition marked by Christians today as a period of preparation for the Easter celebration. It is considered to be a time for reflection, and repentance while intentionally seeking God. Traditionally this was through prayer and fasting, now it may be more through creating the space to read, listen, and reflect on God’s word. If this is the case and you are practising Lent, maybe for the first time, I have a great choice of Lent books. In this selection there is something for everyone. There is a book to follow for family devotions and several for Bible students. I’ve also included some daily devotionals, and even one with messy ideas for the creatives among us!

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Why Is Church Important To Us Today?

Why is church important? However long we have been a Christian at some stage we all seem to face that question. Being part of a church is not always easy, and not always what it should be. The traditions and style of church services are varied and diverse and hat alone can be controversial and divisive. But at its best what is church all about?

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What Is The Mystery of the Gospel?

A mystery is something strange or unknown, something that has been kept hidden and has not yet been explained or understood. Some people love the ‘mysterious’ and like to create that atmosphere of secrecy around themselves, a place, or a set of circumstances. The idea that certain information is only available to a select few, can give a sense of power and control. But the gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ, is for all – for whosoever chooses to believe. The gospel is to be proclaimed, to be shared, and spread into the whole world. What then does the phrase, the mystery of the gospel mean?

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