Worth Something?

That is a nice horse – what is she worth? Or oh, she must be worth something? And whether I think the question is rude, or appropriate, the answer is the same. Nothing and everything! It depends, of course, what you are basing your valuation on.

With horses a value is placed on them, in part by their breeding and confirmation, but also by their potential, what people think they will be able to do. Whatever discipline they are looking at, racing, eventing, dressage or show jumping – the horse’s value, ultimately will be based on their performance and their results.

Has Potential?

Now my horse has average to good breeding, and good confirmation. That meant she had some potential when I bought her as a youngster. And the more I trained and competed with her, her value went up. Unfortunately, as with a lot of horses, due to injury and a major illness her value then went down again. I no longer compete, and she has signs of wear and tear, and an old injury to her legs. Due to her illness I can no longer insure her. The insurance company paid out, for more than they valued her, for the last hospital bill! Although she is fit and able for light leisure work, she is no longer fit enough for a competition career. She is getting older and is now classed as a veteran!

A Worth Beyond Price!

So what is she worth? To other people, nothing. Set against the cost of keeping her, they would not see a positive return on their money. But what is she worth to me? Everything, she is priceless! We have now had eleven years of trials, difficulties, communication issues, worry and for the main part a whole lot of pleasure and fun. Over time a bond of mutual trust has developed. A relationship has formed and built up. How can you place a financial worth on a relationship? It has a worth beyond what money can buy.

Relationship is everything!

Relationship brings value and meaning to life. Thank God that our worth is not based on our performance or results. Our worth does not go up or down, we are precious to God. So much so, that he was willing to send his only Son, Jesus Christ, to redeem us from our sinful lives. For our relationship with Him to be restored forever.

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith – and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God – not by works, so that no one can boast.

Ephesians 2:8-9

Remember, we have a worth that is priceless!

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14 thoughts on “Worth

  1. This post really touches my heart. It inspired a poem; I hope you like it.

    I first met you as a foal,
    then trained a yearling bold,
    but now the years have taken toll,
    and friend, we are both old.
    We rode the herds till dusk, from dawn,
    in rain and blazing sun.
    you were the one I counted on;
    I hope that you had fun.
    And now we walk a slower pace,
    you nudge me with your nose,
    a simple bit of God’s own grace,
    a touch where Heaven shows.
    Soon you’ll cross His golden sea;
    on that bright shore, please wait for me.

    1. Thank you Andrew that is a beautiful poem – it brought a lump to my throat – and such a good summary, I have copied and saved it into my documents!

    2. This made me all teary, Andrew. Another one of your beautiful poem, that I have saved.

  2. Praise God our worth isn’t based on merit but on His grace! Thank you for this reminder and beautiful illustration.


  3. I, too, am grateful our worth isn’t based on a checklist in God’s eyes. I am forever grateful and renewed daily by His grace!! Thank you for the reminder.

  4. Amen! God’s grace is amazing! How amazing it is that our worth is not based on anything we can do but on the unconditional love God has for us.

    Annie FMF #12

  5. Precious post – your relationship with your sweet horse:) and the reminder of my worth all because of my relationship to the Heavenly Father!!

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