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What Is The Belt of Truth – And Do We Need It?

The belt of truth is mentioned in Scripture as part of our spiritual armor. It may seem a small insignificant item, and easily overlooked as we quickly read on to the bigger defensive items. Or our focus may even be more on the offensive weapons! But it comes first on the list of spiritual armor and is there for a reason – so what is the belt of truth and why do we need it?

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4 Ways To Take Every Thought Captive

There is a spiritual battle for our minds, as our thoughts impact every area of our lives. Our ideas and opinions about ourselves and others, and even about God, reflect what we absorb into our minds. To take every thought captive is to bring our way of thinking into line with the truth of the victory of Jesus. Then, and only then, can we begin to live the abundant life, in the fullness of His victory!

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Bible Study

What Does Put on the Breastplate of Righteousness Mean?

The Christian life is described as a spiritual battle, which put simply is anything that tries to disrupt our faith and belief in God. This battle has to be fought with spiritual weapons, and Scripture uses imagery to describe all that God has provided for our defence. If we visualize the different parts of the spiritual armor that we have been given it often assists our prayers. As we put on the breastplate of righteousness we are focusing on the protection that we have been given for the most vulnerable part of our body, our heart. But what exactly is the breastplate of righteousness and how does it protect us?

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Bible Study

Spiritual Armor – Do We Need All 7 Pieces?

When we by faith accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior we become children of God. This is a position of privilege, as we inherit God’s promises and blessings and experience His goodness in our daily life. But we also need to be aware that we become part of a cosmic spiritual battle, revealed throughout Scripture, between God and Satan. This is not something to be alarmed about because Jesus came to destroy Satan’s work, and he is a defeated foe. But the battle is not over yet, and we have been given spiritual armor for our protection so that we can stand against Satan’s schemes.

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