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25 Bible Verses of Hope And Encouragement

There are seasons in life when we all struggle with difficult circumstances. Our situation may even seem hopeless to us. But this is exactly the time when we need to strengthen our faith in the truth of God’s word with verses of hope and encouragement. As we read again of God’s love, and remember His past faithfulness, we are encouraged to continue to place our hope in Him.

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Does God Collect Our Tears In A Bottle?

Where does this idea that God might collect our tears in a bottle come from? And why does it inspire so many paintings and poems? If you’ve never heard this phrase before, or have heard it but don’t understand the relevance, then read on. We will explore where it is found in Scripture, the context of the verse, and why it brings comfort to so many people.

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God Is An Ever-Present Help All The Time

One of the most comforting verses in Scripture is the declaration that God is an ever present help. He is with us in the middle of all life’s problems. God is there, by our side, in any and every situation. He is our safe place, our strength and security. Help is a cry from the heart and when we come to the end of ourselves, and call out, God is there. Because He has promised that He is our intervention, our assistance, and all that we need.

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What Is The Meaning of Psalm 13?

What is the meaning of Psalm 13? It is a psalm, and a prayer, that we can all identify with when waiting on God becomes difficult. Life can be tough, and even now, many of us are still waiting on God to answer prayer. Sometimes it may appear as if God is not responding to our situation and that is painful. But there is hope, in the message and meaning of Psalm 13, for all those who are waiting on God…

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Psalm 84 Devotional Why life must be lived forwards!

There is a time for looking back and reflecting on the past. Whether it is at the end of each day, week, month, or year. It can be good to pause and examine our progress and where we are now. But in this Psalm 84 devotional, we explore the idea that life must be lived forward in prayer and praise. This is our strength for the journey to leave the past behind, and to press on, trusting in God each step of the way…

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Your Statutes Are my Heritage Forever

Where is your inheritance? The majority of us have not inherited wealth, property, or land from our families. But as Christians, we have a spiritual heritage that is worth far more! Do we really understand what has been gifted to us in Christ Jesus and the riches that we have in the word of God? If we do we can join with the psalmist in saying, ‘Your statutes are my heritage forever – and the joy of my heart!’

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