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Top 20 Verses in Proverbs About Wisdom

In the Bible the book of Proverbs is a collection of ‘sayings of the wise’. These were written mainly by king Solomon, but not solely by him. As a young man, Solomon asked God for the gift of wisdom to enable him to lead the nation of Israel. The wisdom he was seeking was not just about knowledge, but to have the discernment to apply what he learned.  I’ve selected these twenty verses in Proverbs about wisdom as the message they bring is relevant for our lives today.

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What Does it Mean to Guard Your Heart Above All Things?

There are many verses in the Biblical book of Proverbs, that have become popular sayings today. They were written by king Solomon and are widely recognized as words of wisdom. After all, that was God’s gift to him and, through these words, to us. Some of the sayings are clear and easy to understand, but others cause us to pause and reflect. Guard your heart above ALL things is one of those proverbs that makes you think, what does that really mean?

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