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The Divine Name Yahweh LORD

In the Old Testament, the name for God as Yahweh occurs more than 6,800 times and it appears in nearly every book. It only comes into use, however, after Exodus chapter three. Because of this the name Yahweh LORD became forever associated with God’s redeeming acts when He delivered Israel from Egypt. But did you know, there is some mystery about the origin of the divine name Yahweh LORD?

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12 Unique Names of God and Their Meanings

There are many different titles and names for God in the Bible. When we study the use of the name, in the context and setting of where it first occurs, it can teach us something new about the character of God. As we reflect on these 12 unique names of God, we can come to experience Him in new ways in our own lives.

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Elohim – God the Creator

The understanding of Elohim, as God the Creator, is the foundation of our Christian faith. It underpins our belief in His Sovereignty, that God is the Creator of everything and He governs the Universe. Scripture teaches that creation declares God’s rule and authority, and that all life is sustained by God. These are fundamental truths that shape our daily life now and are the basis of our hope.

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Jehovah Shalom The Lord is Peace

Jehovah Shalom, The Lord is Peace, is an attribute of God which was first revealed to His people during a time when there was no peace. The nation of Israel was experiencing poverty and hardship, they were constantly being attacked by their enemies. The people were fearful and living in hiding as they had no peace to go about their daily lives. Then Gideon receives the revelation that God is intentional towards His people, that He is for them and not against them. God desires reconciliation and He alone is their source of peace.

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Forget-me-not flowers to remind us of God as Jehovah Jireh
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‘Jehovah Jireh’ The LORD will Provide

The aspect of God’s character as Jehovah Jireh, The LORD who will provide, is revealed in the story of God testing Abraham’s faith and commitment. God instructed Abraham to do something which was counter-intuitive and appeared to destroy all of his hopes and God-given vision for the future. Abraham did not falter but immediately responded with obedience, trusting that the LORD would provide, that God’s promise to him would not fail.

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What Does the LORD is My Banner Mean?

This phrase is found in Exodus after God enabled His people, Israel, to defeat their enemies in their first battle after leaving Egypt. When the fight was over Moses, as an act of worship, set up an altar to commemorate a hard-won victory. He called the altar, Jehovah Nissi, ‘The LORD is My Banner.’ What insight did Moses have to this aspect of God’s character? And what does it mean for us today to pray to Jehovah Nissi?

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