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Bible Study on Deborah – An Inspirational Woman of God

There are many inspirational stories in Scripture of men and women who in many ways were just like us. Although their stories are set in a different time and culture, human nature has not changed. We still share many similar experiences, emotions, and challenges today. This Bible Study on Deborah is a comprehensive guide through her story with lessons that are relevant to our lives!

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The Victory Song of Deborah

The Bible is full of songs, written on different occasions and for a variety of reasons. A song was a form of storytelling and a way of recording what had happened for future generations. Many people find it easier to remember a song, so using a song to retell important events meant they were not forgotten. The Song of Deborah is a poetic celebration of a great victory when God fought for Israel and destroyed their enemy in battle. There are though some surprising twists to the story…

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3 Characteristics of Deborah in the Bible

Deborah’s story is found in the book of Judges which recounts a troubled period in Israel’s history. From the time of the elders, who outlived Joshua, until the time of the monarchy, God raised up a series of leaders for His people. They came from different tribes, and each leader was unique in their own way. Deborah was the only woman chosen, and an unusual woman even by today’s standards. What can we learn from the characteristics of Deborah in the Bible to apply to our lives today?

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Deborah and Barak Working Together

Deborah was an unusual woman for her time and culture. Even today, she would be inspirational and unique. Her story appears in the book of Judges, chapters four and five, at a time when Israel had no king. God raised up men, and at this time a woman, to be leaders in the country. But who was Barak? And how, and why, did Deborah and Barak come to work together?

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Who was Jael in the Bible?

In the book of Judges Chapter 4 & 5, we find the story of exactly who was Jael in the Bible. The Israelites, for over twenty years, had been oppressed by the Canaanites, led by king Jabin. The commander of Jabin’s army was Sisera, and he had a significant military advantage over Israel as he had nine hundred chariots. The Canaanites’ were using the might of their army to re-establish their power in the North of the country. So how does Jael fit into this story?

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