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What was Wise About The Three Wise Men?

The story of the ‘wise men’ appears only in Matthew’s gospel, that sometime after Jesus’ birth, Mary and Joseph received a group of visitors. They are referred to by different translations of the Bible, as wise men, magi, a band of scholars, and kings. Although most modern versions, now choose either ‘wise men’ or ‘magi’ to describe them. They were educated, wealthy Gentiles. Where had they come from? And why do we say that the three wise men visited Bethlehem?

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Bible Study

The Prophetess, Anna Daughter of Phanuel

Following Jesus’ birth Mary and Joseph travel, the short distance from Bethlehem, to attend the Temple in Jerusalem. A new mother was required to go to the Temple, forty days after the birth of a son, to offer a sacrifice for her purification . The firstborn of any children were also, as prescribed by the law of Moses, presented at the Temple and dedicated to serve the Lord. Jesus’ parents are following these requirements and it is there in the Temple courts that Anna daughter of Phanuel, is drawn into the event.

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