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The Magnificat – Mary’s Song of Praise

For many people one of the strongest associations with Christmas is the carols and familiar songs that we hear at this special time of year. The celebration of Christmas has inspired so many great lyrics and tunes! This is nothing new, the account of the nativity story includes many songs of hope and joy. The first recorded Christmas song is in Scripture and known as The Magnificat. This is Mary’s song of praise as she pours out her heart in worship to God.

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Looking For The Best Advent Devotionals?

It is so easy in the busyness of the Christmas season to lose sight of the reason we are celebrating. If you are looking for some of the best Advent devotionals then I’ve selected a range of books for you to explore. Advent devotionals are a great resource to focus our thoughts on the true meaning of Christmas. There are daily advent devotionals for personal reflection, advent devotionals for families, and small groups. There is a book for everyone on this list!

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What is an Advent Jesse Tree?

Our Christian faith can be expressed in so many diverse ways. We have many different traditions, especially for the Christmas season. I enjoy exploring the different ways in which we prepare and celebrate Christ’s birth. If you have not heard of an Advent Jesse tree before, or possibly heard the phrase but are not sure what it means, then this article is for you!

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What is the Significance of the Shepherds at Jesus’ Birth?

In Biblical Israel, nomadic shepherds lived a lowly life with their flocks, providing all the care that the sheep needed. They would guide their sheep by day to find food and watch over them at night. Being a shepherd wasn’t just a job but a lifestyle, often lonely and isolated from other people. What is the significance then of the shepherds at Jesus’ birth? Why were they invited and included in the celebration?

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What Is The Mystery of the Gospel?

A mystery is something strange or unknown, something that has been kept hidden and has not yet been explained or understood. Some people love the ‘mysterious’ and like to create that atmosphere of secrecy around themselves, a place, or a set of circumstances. The idea that certain information is only available to a select few, can give a sense of power and control. But the gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ, is for all – for whosoever chooses to believe. The gospel is to be proclaimed, to be shared, and spread into the whole world. What then does the phrase, the mystery of the gospel mean?

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Zechariah and Elizabeth – Authentic Faith

Luke’s gospel begins with an introduction to an older, godly couple – Zechariah and Elizabeth. They are drawn in to the nativity story and included in the wonder of God’s redemption plan for humanity. But God’s timing is also perfect for them as individuals – in a way which is forever beyond their understanding. God is Sovereign and over all, and yet in His majesty He is still a relational God, and our loving Heavenly Father.

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