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New Release Christian Books

If you are looking for something to read, then these are my latest recommendations of new release Christian books. This is a great way of checking out a variety of new books without leaving the comfort of your home! I have selected a mix of new Christian fiction releases, which is a fairly new genre for me, alongside some of the best in the Christian books non-fiction category. There are also some new Christian authors that I’ve come across and would like to introduce to you. I hope you will find something here to read, inspire, and enjoy!

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The Pilgrim by Joy Margetts

A wonderful second novel from the author of ‘The Healing – Will a monk’s habit help unlock his identity’. This book is actually a prequel to ‘The Healing’ although the story does stand alone. The series is set in medieval times among the abbeys and holy sites of Wales. One of the supporting characters from ‘The Healing’ becomes the central figure in this story – although to begin with we may find it hard to recognize him! If you’ve never read any Christian historical fiction before then The Pilgrim by Joy Margetts is a great place to start.

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10 Best Books About the Psalms

The psalms are for many of us a favourite book in the Bible. Often it is the place to turn to for a word of encouragement. In reading the psalms, we find we can identify with the writer as so often we share some of the same thoughts and feelings. We can relate to the psalmist’s own journey in verse, from despair to hope, from fear to safety, from anguish to comfort, as they lead us into prayer, and peaceful meditation.

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Three different women all reading the Bible
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Finding the Best Study Bible for Women

Are Study Bibles worth it? Study Bibles are an investment, but in my view, they are worth it, just as much for our daily reading as for topical or themed studies. They bring a wealth of historical and cultural information which adds insight to the Biblical text. This brings a new level of understanding, and encourages us to dig deeper into God’s word. The theoretical knowledge provided is important to accurately interpret and then apply the word to our lives today.

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An ark on a calm sea - Not Knowing But Still Going
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Not Knowing But Still Going – Jocelyn-Anne Harvey

The biblical account of Noah is found in Genesis 6-10, four short chapters, where a powerfully dramatic event is told in a very prosaic manner. We often overlook this story of God’s covenant with Noah, it may be that there are aspects that we are not comfortable with. The rise of wickedness in the world and the inclination of the human heart to evil, are not uplifting thoughts on the nature of humanity. God’s sorrow and His judgement to destroy all of His creation, are sobering reminders of the righteousness of God.

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