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Are Signs from God Relevant Today?

How God ‘speaks’ to us is a question that will have so many different answers depending on your faith background and personal experience. What Christians will agree on, is that God does ‘speak’ to His people today and that is a source of amazement and wonder. Maybe we should not be surprised by the myriad of different ways that God chooses to communicate with us – He is our Heavenly Father and signs from God are part of His language!

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God of Restoration – Healing our Brokenness

Restoration simply means returning something to its original condition. Our belief that God is a ‘God of restoration’ is the basis of our hope, it is fundamental to our faith as Christians. One day everything will be made new, God will restore all things in heaven and on the earth. But, for now, we live in a time of tension, between what is and what is to come. We are reconciled to God by faith in Jesus Christ, our relationship with Him is restored. But God does not leave us in the condition that He finds us. He is the Master restorer at work, shaping, and refining, to bring us into the fullness of who He created us to be!

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Zechariah and Elizabeth – Authentic Faith

Luke’s gospel begins with an introduction to an older, godly couple – Zechariah and Elizabeth. They are drawn in to the nativity story and included in the wonder of God’s redemption plan for humanity. But God’s timing is also perfect for them as individuals – in a way which is forever beyond their understanding. God is Sovereign and over all, and yet in His majesty He is still a relational God, and our loving Heavenly Father.

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The Divine Name “Yahweh LORD”

The Hebrew name for God as ‘Yahweh’ is translated in English Biblical text, as LORD. This is distinct and different to Adonay which appears as ‘Lord’ and is used in the context of ‘Lord or Master.’ The name for God as Yahweh LORD, is not a title, but a sacred, personal, divine name. This aspect of God’s character was revealed to Moses at His call and commission to lead Israel out of Egypt. Moses wanted to know how to identify God to the elders of Israel. He wanted to know who God was, as more than the God of his ancestors. God answered Moses’ question with an intriguing self-description.

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Ebed Melech – Speak for Justice

In Jeremiah 38 the city of Jerusalem was under siege from the king of Babylon. God’s word for king Zedekiah through His prophet, was to surrender. But this was a message that no-one in Jerusalem wanted to hear. Jeremiah’s life was now in grave danger as there were those who opposed him and were plotting to get rid of him – they were almost successful. But there was someone who had a heart for justice and was willing to speak up for Jeremiah and that man was Ebed Melech the Cushite.

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Philemon and Onesimus – Do the right thing?

We all aspire to doing ‘the right thing’ but sometimes it is not easy, the cost can be high. What we perceive and understand to be the right thing in God’s sight may not be popular or even accepted by other people. Even with the passing of time, and changing culture, there is still so much that we can learn, through the three main characters in this story, about God prompting and positioning His people to respond and to ‘do the right thing’.

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