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God of Restoration – Healing our Brokenness

Restoration simply means returning something to its original condition. Our belief that God is a God of restoration is the basis of our hope, and it is fundamental to our faith as Christians. We are reconciled to God, and our relationship with Him is restored forever, by faith in Jesus Christ. But that is only the beginning, God is the Master restorer and His restoration work reaches out to ALL things!

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Bible Study

Who Was Jethro in The Bible to Advise Moses?

There are many mysterious characters in the Bible who appear in the narrative without explanation. Often, they have a small but significant role. In one of our familiar Old Testament stories, one man appears with some timely and godly advice. Who was Jethro in the Bible? And how did he become an adviser to Moses?

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Bible Study

Why is The Story of Boaz in The Bible Important?

The main characters in the book of Ruth are two women and the story is told from their viewpoint. But Boaz has a significant role in the events that unfold, and he is central to the outcome. The story of Boaz in the Bible is important because of the underlying message it reveals. There is a hint of what is to follow and the basis of the hope that we now depend on.

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Bible Study

3 Lessons From The Call of Moses

The story of Moses begins with God’s hand of protection on his life from his birth. Through a series of events he grew up in the palace of the king of Egypt. But Moses’ life took a dramatic wrong turn and he had to flee Egypt. He made his home in the wilderness until one day he had an encounter with God that changed his life forever. What can we learn about our relationship with God from the call of Moses?

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Bible Study

7 Characteristics of Barnabas in the Bible

In the early church, there was a man who was commended by the Apostles for having the gift of encouragement. That man was Barnabas and he stood out, not so much by the words that he spoke, but by his actions. The characteristics of Barnabas reveal the spiritual gift of encouragement in its many different forms. A gift that we all need to give and receive!

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Bible Study

Who is Barnabas in the Bible?

At the beginning of the life of the early church we read of one man who stands out because of his generosity towards the poor. This was a man from Cyprus, a Levite, called Joseph. He was recognized by the Apostles as a man with the gift of encouragement. But who is Barnabas in the Bible, wasn’t he known as an encourager?

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