When I first posted this photo of my two Jack Russell Terriers on Facebook, those who know them best, straight away asked “How did you get them to stay?” Their personality is irrepressible! They are full of energy and enthusiasm for life – I’m sure ‘stay’ doesn’t come into their vocabulary. They are eleven years old now and, even with endless treat training, have mastered ’stay’ for about two seconds! Their personality is all about ‘go’ nonstop, running, jumping, and exploring – ‘stay’ is so difficult for them. So, how did I get them to stay? Well it took a great deal of effort to keep my eyes fixed on them, hold their attention, back off a little and quickly take a snap!

We all have different personalities and character traits, some things come easily, and some are far more difficult, depending on our personality type. Sometimes we learn about ourselves when we are asked to do something which wouldn’t come naturally, when we are out of our comfort zone.

In Wales we are still in lockdown with the motto ‘Stay at Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives’. Stay at home has been easy for some and for others it has been very difficult. We are now allowed to meet one other household outdoors while maintaining social distancing rules. It is twelve weeks since I was last in work, and at the moment still no sign of a return date. But this has been a season to ‘stay’ not sought, not asked for, but necessary so we have adapted and adjusted to a different way of living.

I believe that God ‘redeems the time’ – in some translations it is written as ‘making the most of every opportunity’. This season of staying where we are may have been easy because we are quite happy to sit and stay, and rather guiltily enjoyed a quiet time. Or we may have found it extremely difficult, it has taken a lot of effort, to keep our eyes fixed on God, trusting in Him. Like all seasons it will end, and the time will soon come to move on once again…

My prayer is that those who feel that they have suffered loss this spring, will with time be able to reflect on what they have gained in the Lord. The knowledge, known and felt, that He is ever present – in our staying and our going!

This post is part of the FiveMinuteFriday link-up, to write for five minutes on a word prompt – today’s word was ‘stay’.

8 thoughts on “Stay

  1. God surely formed the mad Jack Russell
    to be the apple of His eye;
    eighteen pounds of joy and muscle,
    always, always on the fly.
    Here they come and there they go
    (one just bounced off trunk of tree)
    putting on a splended show
    with surprising dignity.
    One learned to balance on my head,
    taking in surprising views,
    and the other found my scent that led
    to his Sunday visit in the pews.
    Pastor smiled and shook his head,
    “These dogs WERE by a parson bred.”

  2. Those dogs look like they are smiling 🙂 The last paragraph says it all > May the knowledge we have gained in this time, known and felt, that He is ever present – be our staying and our going!

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