Share Four Somethings September

Share Something Loved – September

It often happens here that in August the weather breaks and can be wet’n windy and unpredictable. It seems that once the children go back to school, at the beginning of September, the wind drops and the sun comes out again. I love September, there is a tranquil feeling, almost a pause, after the busyness of summer. Most of the tourists have gone home, but the winter storms are yet to arrive. The days are shorter, but there is still light in the evenings. The temperature is cooler but not cold, inviting you to do all those ‘must do before winter comes’ outdoor chores and plans.

I have been on the beach again with my horse because it was deserted. I have walked again with friends in the popular places, because there is now no-one else around. I have planted some daffodil bulbs before the ground gets too hard. I have trimmed some of the shrubs back, and cut the grass, hopefully, for the last time this year! The last hardy summer flowers are still bravely blooming, like us, making the most of the sunshine while it lasts!

Share Four Somethings - September
Share Four Somethings – September

Something ReadBonhoeffer, Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy by Eric Metaxas

The big read for August and September has been this biography. It covers so much ground, making it a comprehensive and compelling read. I have made so many notes of great quotes which I am sure I will be using in the future! It gives insight into the background of the political climate in Germany in the early twentieth century. Also details of the religious and spiritual climate, attempting to explain the stance that the church took in the 1930’s. It explains how it became complicit in the actions of the Nazi party against the Jewish people. And of course the story of one man’s voice, who followed his conscience and took a stand, paying the ultimate price. A truly inspiring read.

Share Four Somethings - September
Share Four Somethings September
Share Four Somethings September
Share Four Somethings, September

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September Something TreasuredCommunity

This is definitely one thing I have learnt this year, that being part of a community is important to me. How we negotiate the changes and restrictions and find new ways of connecting is a challenge. It is probably different for all of us. I miss, in person fellowship, sharing and reading from God’s word together. We do have, however, ‘online church’ and I have also found new resources, I am listening to podcasts, with lots of great teaching. I miss, corporate worship, singing together. Although I have listened to, and sang along with, lots of new songs on youtube. I have joined online writing groups and found help, advice, support, encouragement and opportunities. I have found more community online than I had thought possible. So while trying to keep and develop different ways with the ‘in person’ connections, I am also embracing the newly discovered digital world!

Something AheadA Desk!

Well this is so difficult, because neither of the things I posted about in August have happened! This year is proving to be more and more one of change. I am slowly realising, like many others, that the changes are lasting longer and working deeper than we first thought. There are so many things that are out of my control. Thank God, though, I have peace and assurance that come from knowing that I can place my trust in Him.

I am looking ahead to developing and doing more writing online. With that in mind, I have made a commitment by ordering a desk and a new ‘office’ chair to go with it. This means I will have to de-clutter an area in the house to create a workspace for myself. This is a new season which I am enjoying, it brings many challenges but it is also a delight!

Share Four Somethings - September
Share Four Somethings September

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14 thoughts on “Share Four Somethings September

  1. Online community has been a saving grace during the quarantine. I met a friend for coffee, seated outdoors far apart, after three months of not seeing her. I must confess, I cried as I left from the relief and sorrow and joy of it all. Online is good, but real life connections are missed!

    1. Definitely – I have been meeting up with friends and walking together, and the first time, after a couple of months of not being able to meet anyone, was overwhelming!

  2. I’ve also really missed in-person gatherings. I didn’t realise how much until in-person church started back this month – I’ve attended twice and loved it lots. Although it all looks different with masks, distanced chairs and you have to pre-book, but just glad for the opportunity. Your beach shot looks so tranquil, what a great blessing to have that close by.

  3. I’m glad that you’re getting a writing space! My husband got me a comfortable desk chair for my birthday and told me to find a desk (I can be picky). It’s been four months and I still haven’t decided on one. I hope you will do better than I have.

  4. Oh, I agree. I have totally come to realize – and appreciate – how much community means to me. Is really vital to my well-being. Even though I am a bit of a homebody….I really need people and my community! So glad you have been able to ride your horse on the beach – what fun!!

  5. I agree about community – it is so important. I’m grateful for online church and being able to connect through Zoom etc. but also really looking forward to when we can gather properly together face to face again. I’ve definitely treasured those times when I’ve been able to do that over the last month or two even though it’s only been with one or two people.

  6. I love September and October too! It’s usually nice weather and so much beauty to behold outside. I really enjoyed Bonhoeffer. What an amazing life!

    Have fun setting up your new area! Once our daughters move out permanently, I have great plans for their rooms! One being an office of sorts. : )

    1. I found the book so interesting and yes I’m sure your research was the same – let’s hope we all learn from history! Thanks for reading and responding.

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