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Loved, Read, Treasured and Ahead

This June, I have loved the peace and quiet on the beaches here – and at the same time I have been saddened by the reason behind it. I have felt very selfish as I have enjoyed the space, the tranquillity and the slower pace of life. Because of the Coronavirus we are now into week fifteen of lockdown in Wales. Which means we are to stay at home, stay local within five miles of our home, and only allowed to go out to do essential shopping. We can also meet up with one other household in an outdoor space.

May would normally be the beginning of the tourist season and everything would be ramping up for a busy summer. This June the closed sign is still officially up! So this has been a unique month. We have had a lot of sunny weather, and it has at times almost felt eerily quiet, with hardly any cars and very few people. By the next government review, which is due on the 6th of July, we hope the restrictions will be lifted further. Maybe finally, people will be able to return to visit this very beautiful part of the country. A lot of small businesses are dependent on the tourist trade for their main income!

Something Read

June Something Read
June Something Read

I have read several books, and usually like to have two or three different types of book on the go at the same time. Of course, with not working at the moment, I have had more time than ever to read. So which one to share? I decided in the end to comment on this little book, by Professor John Lennox and published by thegoodbook company. It is only sixty-two pages but manages to present a clear concise view of God through the subject of suffering. It is written from the dedication onwards, “To a world in pain”, with compassion and sensitivity. The introduction states the intention of the book to offer some comfort, support and hope, which I feel it does, not only in relation to this pandemic, but also to the bigger question of suffering. The postscript acknowledges that not everyone’s questions will be answered, and that in fact the author still has many areas where he would like clarity himself, and so he finishes with a quote from Spurgeon:

“God is too good to be unkind and He is too wise to be mistaken. And when we cannot trace His hand, we must trust His heart.” C.H.Spurgeon.

It is a little book that more than deserves its place on the bookshelf. I am sure I will pick it up and refer to it again, when those difficult ‘why God, why’ questions arise.

Something Treasured

June Something Treasured
June Something Treasured

Treasured moments are always the milestones marked in old age – they become more precious as they become less certain. This month it was my Mum’s birthday – which would normally mean a lunch out, a drive and a little visit to somewhere different, a birthday treat of some sort. All not possible this June, but we felt really blessed, that a couple of days before her birthday the restrictions were altered. They now include the proviso that you could meet one other household in an outer door space close to your home. The little things, in this simplified lifestyle take on more significance. To be able to drop off some gifts in the morning and then go and visit again in the afternoon. The sun shone, it was a warm mild day and we were able to have a little stroll around the village and a good chat! I made and we shared a birthday cake, and we were thankful for just being able to be together.

June Something Ahead
June Something Ahead

Something Ahead

Looking ahead is still very difficult, the uncertainty of when and how, so many questions still with no definitive answers. When will I go back to work? Initially we were suppose to be back in work in June! How will I be able to do my job if social distancing measures are still in place? When will we be able to welcome family and friends into our homes again? When will we be able to meet in Church again?

I opened a website and started this blog during lockdown. A ‘redeeming of the time’ or the ‘making the most of every given opportunity.’ Looking ahead, I know I want to continue with online writing. There are so many new possibilities and opportunities that I didn’t even know existed! So, among all the questions, I am placing my trust in the One who knows all the answers and believing for just one step at a time. I am moving forward into a new season, in the wide open spaces of God’s grace, where anything is possible!

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19 thoughts on “Share Four Somethings – June

  1. So nice that you were able to celebrate your mom’s birthday….you are right it is the little things we have come to appreciate because of quarantines, etc. I also enjoyed your quotes – so very appropriate for these times! Well, for all times:) I hope you have another good month ahead (before the next linkup)!

  2. I love the photo of the beach – it’s beautiful! And it’s lovely to meet another UK blogger – I’m from Scotland.
    I had never heard of John Lennox until a few weeks ago but some friends told me about him and since then his name has come up a few times, so I’m interested to read about the book – I may have to check that out! Visiting from #sharefoursomethings.

  3. I do hope that you’ll all receive good news and your area will be able to open up more soon. And especially to be able to see your mum more – how special that you were able to celebrate her birthday. You’re so right about recognizing the great blessings in the simple things that we are wont to take for granted.

  4. Sharon, how wonderful you used the time to begin a blog! Rather than the virus taking away connection, you used it to make connection! I am sure you and mom will always remember this birthday. We need to make the most of each day, even when we may not like what it brings to us. Blessings!

    1. Thank you Joanne – yes, ‘normally’ I lead a Ladies breakfast meeting in my local church and although we have formed a FB group, I was really missing out on connection. I thought the blog would develop my writing skills, it has been such a blessing to find the community spirit and worldwide connection!

  5. Thank you for sharing your four somethings. I love learning more about you. I can’t imagine how beautiful Wales is and I am praying that things are lifted soon so people can enjoy the beauty. I am also thankful that you are writing. Your words are a blessing. Keep it up!

    1. Thank you Mary for your kind comments, you are very encouraging. It is nice to read these blogs with more personal reflections – and the sense of community in writing in this way is an unexpected bonus!

  6. That beach looks quite lovely. I’m glad that you were able to celebrate your mother’s birthday with her. I was interested to hear what life in other countries is like right now. Thank you for sharing!

  7. I’m so glad you linked up! That picture of the beach is beautiful!! Hoping you receive good news next month!

  8. What a beautiful picture of the beach! I love the quotes from C.H. Spurgeon and C.S. Lewis! And kuddos to you for redeeming the time and starting your blog! I’m sure that many will be blessed and encouraged by your words! God bless you! 🙂

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