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Well I did mention briefly last time that we were hoping that my eldest son would be able to come over from Northern Ireland for a visit in August, and he did! Only for a few days, but it was good to be able to spend time together. We didn’t do anything in particular, lots of sitting around chatting and having ‘favourite’ meals. We had a BBQ lunch of freshly caught mackerel, a roast dinner on Sunday, and plenty of home baking! The weather was mainly dry and sunny which really helps with visiting other family members in an outdoor space. Then, all too quickly, it was time to take him back to the port for the ferry. Hoping and praying that now the non-essential travel restriction has been lifted it won’t be so long before we meet up again!

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hare Four Somethings August
Bible Delight Heartbeat of the Word of God, Psalm 119 – CHRISTOPHER ASH

I have really enjoyed reading this commentary on Psalm 119. It is broken down into twenty two sections, making it ideal as a daily reader. The author states that many people dip into Psalm 119 for ‘golden nuggets’ and I must admit that I have been guilty of doing so. Some of my favourite scriptures come from this psalm. The writer identifies eight ‘word’ words in the psalm, although different translations may record variations on these: Instruction, Testimonies, Precepts, Statutes, Commandments, Judgements, Word, and Promise. These are covenant words: “And Covenant is the wallpaper of the psalm; it lies behind every verse.” He refers to these words as two-way words and the first direction is grace – that these are words that create and sustain relationship. This study book could be one to share in a small group. There are two questions for reflection or discussion at the end of each section. Available from Amazon

Share Four Somethings August
Pile of Books, The Bible for Everyone –
John Goldingay & Tom Wright.

I am reading my way through a number of different books but I haven’t finished them all yet. At the moment I am also trying ‘The Bible for Everyone’ which is a new translation. I am reading it alongside my favourite NIV Study Bible and comparing the two.

Something Treasured in August –

Share Four Somethings August
Share Four Somethings August

I love the beauty of the countryside here in Wales. The quality of the light on the coast, the beautiful beaches and the backdrop of the mountains. I love all of the seasons for different reasons. August is the month for blackberry picking, they grow wild in the hedgerows, and it is a common site to see families out with their containers collecting. A time of purple stained fingers and scratched hands! Our family’s favourite is blackberry and apple crumble pudding. Recently, though, I have discovered a blackberry crumble topped cake – ice cream is optional!

Share Four Somethings August
Share Four Somethings August
Share Four Somethings August
Share Four Somethings August – Mia – Knabstrupper Mare

I love in this ‘summer’ weather relaxing by meandering along the country lanes on horseback. A different pace of life and definitely something to treasure .

Something Ahead

Looking ahead to the return of Church life and also getting back to work….

Our Church has met outdoors in a small group, but difficult with our unpredictable weather. The last few days we have caught Storm Ellen, so although mild, it has been very wet and windy! Praying, that we will get back into the church building soon. And hoping that we will be able to restart our Ladies group. I co-lead the Ladies group and we had been having a breakfast meeting, and studying a book together. Of course, if necessary, we could forgo the breakfast and be solely a ‘bookgroup’. We had started a study on ‘Catching Contentment’ – following Liz Carter’s study guide. I highly recommend this book Amazon UK Amazon US

Share Four Somethings August

It would be good to share some how we have applied contentment to the last few months!

I will also be returning to work in September, after being off for six months, due to the Covid pandemic. Of course things will have changed, where I work, the way that I work and even who I work with is going to be different. A colleague has decided to retire and will not return to work at all. I am looking forward to going back as it is another step into our new normal and I feel that it is time to embrace the changes and move on!

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Anyone interesting in reading more about Mia – my Knabstrupper (Danish Warmblood Spotted Horse) check out these posts, Forward and Worth. I am sure she will continue to make occasional appearances in my writing!

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18 thoughts on “Share Four Somethings August

  1. I am glad you could have a nice visit with your eldest son this month. We visited our oldest son for the first time since Thanksgiving too. This pandemic has separated so many families! I see you are working your way through the Bonhoeffer book. I hope you enjoy it. I read it this year and really liked it.

    1. Oh I’m glad to hear you were able to meet up with your son too – those family get togethers are precious! I am loving this book on Bonhoeffer – I don’t know why I hadn’t heard of him before, I mentioned the book to my Mum (in her mid-eighties) and my son picked the book up to see what I was reading (in his late twenties) and they’d both heard his story…Thanks for responding!

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed the time with your son. The Psalm 119 book looks interesting. I did a study recently with She Reads Truth where we went through the Psalm over two weeks and it was great to dig into it a bit deeper. I hope everything goes well with returning to work!

    1. Thanks Lesley – I heard Christopher Ash online – he was one of the speakers for the Keswick Convention this year, he did the Bible studies on Psalms 2-6 which led me to try one of his books! And yes work is the big question for September….. 🙂

  3. I’d love to visit you sometime! I live smack in the middle of the US, in Martin, South Dakota! Your area of the world sounds beautiful! I’m going to get the Psalm 119 book, sounds great! Thanks for sharing with us! I hope to have my Four Somethings posted soon!

  4. I enjoy your post – thank you for sharing. I’m glad your son could come over for a visit. My parents were only able to return home this week as well, as they were abroad when the lockdown was implemented. They are still on the 2-week self-isolation but it’s good knowing they are back in the country. Your description of Wales sounds lovely, it’s on my list of places to visit now 🙂

    1. Thank you Wemi – August has had more of a ‘normal’ feel with being able to socialise outdoors. Good for you to know your parents have been able to return – and the self isolation won’t last long!

  5. A busy time for you – returning to work and, prayerfully, to church meetings. And hooray for visits from a much loved and missed son! Mine is leaving in four days – after having lived with us for several years – so I know I will be looking forward to visits no matter how long or short as well!! Thanks for the Bible study link – it sounds like a very interesting one!

    1. Yes, August has really felt more normal with being able to socialise with friends and family even if, at times, it’s had to be outdoors! Thank you for responding ☺️

  6. Our church has been holding outdoor services too and has had to cancel twice due to weather. I love blackberries and your dessert looks delish!

    1. Outdoor meetings are difficult due to our unpredictable weather, but we are so pleased to be able to meet up when we can! ps dessert was delicious 🙂

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