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Aksah, to me, is an inspirational woman who had the vision, and motivation, to fulfill her potential. Who, you might say? She appears in only a couple of verses of scripture¹, but her voice is still there, speaking out to us today. She was a child of the wilderness, born during Israel’s exodus from Egypt. Part of the new generation, on the move, travelling towards the possibilities of the promised land.

She was also Caleb’s daughter – remember him? One of the men that Moses sent to spy out the land of Canaan who came back with a good report and the faith to believe that God would give them what he had promised. You can imagine the conversations she would have with her father during their travels in the wilderness – Where are we going? Are we there yet? What is our new home going to be like? And Caleb would have filled her head with stories of the richness of the land and the size of the fruit that it produced – a land full of good things!

See Possibilities
See Possibilities

Stepping into the possibilities!

Now their destination has become a reality, they have arrived, and the division of the land to the different tribes and families has begun. Caleb allocates land in the Negev to his daughter Aksah, she is given an inheritance within the land. In Hebrew, the word Negev means dry and this area of land is referred to as wasteland, dry and rocky. Aksah, however, does not focus on the limitations of what she sees before her, she believes in the promises of God, and sees the possibilities. She has vision and knows that if she is to use her inheritance to its potential, she will need more than what she has been given.

Aksah sees what is needed, and she knows she will be asking for a lot, as access to water in this region is a valuable commodity, but she also knows her father. She knows that her father has her welfare at heart, that she can approach him and ask for a special favour, being sure of his love for her and that her request will be well received.

When she approaches her father, he straight away asks her “What can I do for you?” She doesn’t hesitate but boldly asks for springs of water. Caleb’s response is to give her the upper and lower springs – a double blessing!

The motivation to act, to try something!

On finally arriving in Canaan, and receiving her inheritance, the dry and rocky hill country of the Negev does not look like a land flowing with ‘milk and honey’. Aksah, however, believes in the promises of God, her godly heritage, and visualises what it can be – therefore she has the motivation to do something about it.

Fear paralyses but love mobilises! When we are held back by fear of failure, that is the time to come back to God to ask for more knowledge of His love. The time when we need a fresh revelation of how much God loves us and fresh vision for our lives.

We can be released into the open spaces of God’s grace and move forward into a place of freedom without restriction, with a new perspective of God’s plan for our lives. With motivation, as we see the possibilities, we can reach out to God and ask for more to fulfil our calling!

Now may the God of peace: “equip you with everything good for doing his will, and may he work in us what is pleasing to him, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory for ever and ever, Amen.”

Hebrews 13:21

¹Judges 1:12-15

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  1. Thanks for sharing Sharon
    This is a very timely word for me. Just like Aksah I am motivated in this season of my life to do something about the expanding the message of God’s kingdom.

  2. I was so encouraged by this! I don’t think I really remembered Askah, what a inspiring woman and story!

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