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The I Am Statements of Jesus in the Gospel of John

In the gospel of John, there are recorded seven I AM statements of Jesus. These are the words that Jesus used to describe, and explain, the purpose of His earthly ministry. This is important for us because it is only when we understand fully who Jesus is that we can truly know who we are. Our identity is rooted in believing in Jesus, as the Messiah and the Son of God. It is only by believing in Him, that we are able to live in the fullness of the freedom that He has won for us…

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Bible Study

Why Did Jesus Describe Himself as The Good Shepherd?

In the gospel of John, through a series of statements, Jesus begins to reveal His ministry and purpose. This was in conversation with those closest to Him, those who opposed Him, and the general crowds. Jesus didn’t speak directly but instead used parables and analogies. This was to avoid open confrontation while declaring the truth. Why would the analogy of Jesus the good shepherd be controversial? What did Jesus mean when He described Himself in this way?

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What Does ‘Live A Life Worthy of Your Calling’ Mean?

I wonder what you think when you read this phrase ‘to live a life worthy of your calling’? What response does it stir in you? For some it could be a feeling of dread, that there are demands being made that we may not be able to fulfil. The thought that we might not be good enough, not worthy, that we will fail and let the Lord down. But the words are an exhortation, written to inspire and encourage, not to condemn us….

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Bible Study

“I Am The Gate” What Did Jesus Mean?

What did Jesus mean when He said, I AM the gate? Well, He was talking to the Pharisees, the religious leaders, and spiritual teachers, of His day. Jesus was making a particular point and was using familiar imagery. But, the Pharisees still did not understand what Jesus meant. This was not because the concept was difficult to grasp but because they were unwilling to change their way of thinking…

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What Is The Meaning of Psalm 13?

What is the meaning of Psalm 13? It is a psalm, and a prayer, that we can all identify with when waiting on God becomes difficult. Life can be tough, and even now, many of us are still waiting on God to answer prayer. Sometimes it may appear as if God is not responding to our situation and that is painful. But there is hope, in the message and meaning of Psalm 13, for all those who are waiting on God…

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Top 20 Verses in Proverbs About Wisdom

In the Bible the book of Proverbs is a collection of ‘sayings of the wise’. These were written mainly by king Solomon, but not solely by him. As a young man, Solomon asked God for the gift of wisdom to enable him to lead the nation of Israel. The wisdom he was seeking was not just about knowledge, but to have the discernment to apply what he learned.  I’ve selected these twenty verses in Proverbs about wisdom as the message they bring is relevant for our lives today.

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