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Hold Tightly – For He Who Promised is Faithful

Wherever we are in the world we are all subject to change – sometimes totally unexpected. Unplanned, and sudden change can bring a feeling of uncertainty. When no one knows what is going to happen next it can be very unsettling. But when we trust in God, we can embrace what He is doing by holding the things of this world lightly. Then, at the same time, we hold tightly to the truth of His word – for He who promised is faithful!

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React or Act? Lessons from Nehemiah’s Prayer

When you hear bad news of events that are occurring in your country, does it ever make you cry with sadness, anger, or frustration? Does it make you feel powerless, that there is nothing that you can do? Although of course, we all feel that someone, should do something! But if we have a strong reaction to bad news, do we take it straight to God? Nehemiah’s prayer is an example of someone whose reaction to bad news drove them into action.

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Bible Study

What Is The Belt of Truth – And Do We Need It?

The belt of truth is mentioned in Scripture as part of our spiritual armor. It may seem a small insignificant item, and easily overlooked as we quickly read on to the bigger defensive items. Or our focus may even be more on the offensive weapons! But it comes first on the list of spiritual armor and is there for a reason – so what is the belt of truth and why do we need it?

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Words of Psalm 23 Prayer Points for Life

One of the most well-known and best-loved Psalms in the Bible is Psalm 23. For me, this is because the words are such a joyful declaration of trust in God. If we use the words of Psalm 23 as prayer points, we are identifying ourselves with God’s people in the past and the present. There is something powerful in knowing that our voices are joining with others, throughout the world, who are using this Psalm to declare their faith and draw near to God.

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Bible Study

What Does it Mean to Follow Jesus?

When Jesus recruited His disciples for His earthly ministry, He quite simply called them to follow Him. In response, they immediately stopped what they were doing and started to follow Jesus. They left everything behind to accompany Jesus on His ministry and began an adventure beyond what they could ever have imagined! But what does it mean to follow Jesus for us today?

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