October Share Four Somethings

October Share Four Somethings

Something Loved

Books, books and more books! I LOVE God given opportunities. I have started collaborating with Finding God Among Us, by writing some book reviews. This means I receive ‘free copies’ of books to read – which is fabulous. Mainly, they are new releases and already I have read some different genres.  This is great experience for a writer, to evaluate and absorb a variety of styles. God is so good, in how He brings different people together. I love seeing His hand at work, in the detail of our lives. My hope is that this will be a collaboration which will be a blessing to us both, and will also work outwards to bless others. There is a link here, to a review from the beginning of October, if you want to check it out:

Bible Study Guide – Revelation, Hope in the darkness by Scotty Smith

Something Read in October

This is the book that I have used as a daily reader, through October. I have been challenged by it’s clear uncompromising message for being a follower of Jesus.

Be Still My Soul – Reflections on Living the Christian Life by Elisabeth Elliot. Available from Amazon.

Be Still My Soul, Elizabeth Elliot
Share Four Somethings October

“I have spent my life plumbing the depths of what it means to be a Christian. I am, as of this morning, still learning….” The first line of this book drew me in straight away, what an inspirational start. The humility in that sentence from a woman who had shown her faith in God throughout her life.

This book is, as it says, a series of reflections, bound together by the theme of ‘Be Still My Soul’. The chapters are broken down into clear sections, which is ideal, as you can meditate and dwell on a short passage at a time. It explores many of the big themes of how ‘to know’ God more with a clarity and with no compromise. Acceptance, peace, and suffering all taught as being viewed through God’s sovereignty. And then the true inner peace that comes from that knowledge and experience. Great teaching and testimony!

October – Something Treasured

#Iamwriting – I am thrilled to have been able to create a ‘quiet space.’ This is what I was hoping for in September. I have rearranged the furniture and been blessed with a new desk and chair for my very own writing corner! I am facing the window with views of the front garden and the bird table. We have about eight ring-collared doves, hedge sparrows, chaffinches, blackbirds and a robin. We are feeding them already and it’s fascinating watching the bird table hierarchy – although I try not to get too distracted!

Something Ahead

The clocks go back this weekend, which signifies the start of winter! The hardest season of storms and gales, with shorter days and long winter evenings. Yesterday, a lockdown was initiated again by the Welsh government. This means no socialising, and essential outings only for seventeen days.

October Share Four Somethings

Ahead feels like a blank page, and that is okay. I love a new notebook, with all the possibilities and potential in those clear pages. Who knows what they are going to record and what they will look like? Beautiful images or rough sketches, copperplate writing or a hurried scrawl. Maybe what is important though, is not so much how it looks on the page, but the message that is conveyed. Looking ahead the days may appear to be uneventful, but they are full of opportunity to have meaning and purpose. Maybe this is a time to take our focus off the visible, and instead start to perceive the invisible. What is God writing on the tablet of our hearts? What is He creating in us, as individuals, as a church community and as a nation? By next month what will those blank pages have been filled with….

There is rest and ease, in trusting in God’s sovereignty and it is well with my soul!

This post is part of the ‘Share Four Somethings’ October link up with Heather Gerwing.

October Share Four Somethings

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18 thoughts on “October Share Four Somethings

  1. 17 days of lockdown is intense! We had to do 30 days last April and it was very difficult on our kids. Looks like you are prepared for a great time of undistracted writing though!

  2. Congrats on your new collaboration! And your new quiet space :). Sorry to hear about the lockdown, we had 5 months of it earlier this year.

    1. Thanks Wemi – yes we had the lockdown earlier in the year aswell. Wales seems to be particularly restrictive – maybe because of lack of hospital beds – our church hadn’t even reopened in a building! Although we were having small groups outdoors… But we have adjusted and see the goodness of God in so many different ways now 😏

  3. Your new writing space looks wonderful! I hope you are able to make good use of it over this new time of lockdown. It must be tough to go back to so many restrictions. It’s bad enough here (Scotland’s Central Belt) but we have a bit more freedom than you do just now.

  4. Congratulations on your new writing opportunity! God does give us wonderful new adventures if we are open to them. I have been wanting to read something by Elisabeth Elliot for quite some time. This is the nudge I needed to put that desire into action. Thank you!

  5. Your writing space is so lovely! I am a bird fanatic, also, so I can understand your excitement. Enjoy the lockdown as much as you can, the times we are mostly home have been times of amazing growth.

  6. Your new writing space is very lovely. I’m sorry that you have greater restrictions again, but hopefully it will be beneficial in the long run of slowing the virus.

  7. Your new space looks lovely! May it prove to be not only productive but a solace to your soul as you go through the lockdown.

  8. I love that line “Ahead feels like a blank page.” It’s hard to believe we’ll be turning our clocks ahead soon. 2020 feels like both the shortest and longest year ever. I love this idea of a blank page ahead. I agree, there is rest and ease in trusting God’s sovereignty. I’m right there with you.

  9. I love your new set up and writing corner, Sharon! I have my desk very close to a window in my home too, so it’s always fun to look outside and see the beauty of the changing seasons. I didn’t know you live in Wales! My husband and I visited the UK about 5 years ago and really enjoyed a couple of quaint towns in Wales–Tenby, Pembrokeshire and Carew. So fun to putter around and chat with the locals!

    1. That is a picturesque part of Wales – glad to here you enjoyed your visit! I live as far North West as you can go before getting on the ferry to Ireland!

  10. I love your new writing space! And I’m also a big fan of blank pages–new notebooks, planners, sketch pads, journals. So much potential and so many possibilities!

  11. Yay for a new writing space! I hope you have some well enjoyed moments sitting and writing there soon!

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