I have just been out to the fields this morning to check the horses and all was peaceful. They remain unperturbed by national or global events, the cycle of the seasons remains unchanged, and the flow and pattern of life continues as normal.

But for people, for mankind, this season has been far from normal. We have experienced a completely new time, unique – that overused but so apt word – unprecedented, which took everyone by surprise. For many normal has been put on hold. Here in Wales, our normal is still ’stay at home, protect our NHS and save lives’ and people are getting understandably angry with those who do not conform and abide with that instruction. This is the normal that we have had to adapt to.

If your identity then is rooted in your normal, your work, travel, sport or social life, this can be so unsettling. You see normal is a measure of conformity – the accepted pattern of behaviour, that society sets. So without your normal, who are you?

A time, maybe, to reflect and re-evaluate what really matters.

When we love the Lord, even in the middle of uncertainty, our identity is rooted in who we are in him. We are being conformed to his image, that is our normal, we are secure in him, and everything that really matters is unchanged.

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4 thoughts on “Normal

  1. ‘Be conformed unto your God’
    can be quite a trip,
    and some will think it really odd
    that He chased folks with a whip
    when they profaned Father’s house
    with commercial wares;
    He sure was no dormouse;
    Big J could frighten bears!
    Thus we have to take account
    not only of His piety,
    but of the varied amount
    of facets, the entirety
    of His nature, thus refined,
    the human matched with the divine.

    #1 at FMF this week.

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