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Something Loved

I love new experiences, to be able to try something different and do something new. Last year’s restrictions, brought opportunities to try several ‘new things.’ This January we have made home-made pasta for the first time ever. Notice the ‘we,’ that is my youngest son and myself. I bought him a pasta rolling machine for Christmas – which is going to prove to be a gift that keeps on giving.

He loves cooking, and I have more time now to try out different dishes. It is fun, and a great bonding activity, although we do frequently say the kitchen is too small for two cooks! We have made and enjoyed spaghetti and tagliatelle and are getting ambitious now – we are going to try tortellini next!

Something Read

In January I have only read one book, which is very unusual, as I have been focusing more on writing. I have been trying to get ahead with a few different projects, as I know in February I am going to be busy with other commitments. I have, though, thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘Singing in Babylon – Finding Purpose in Life’s Second Choices’ by Jeff Lucas, as part of the book launch team.

“How can we sing the songs of the Lord while in a foreign land?” Psalm 137:4

This book explores and develops the theme of second choice lives, that life is never perfect, even for us as Christians. We are all living in a beautiful, but broken world. Second choices are those circumstances of life that we would not choose for ourselves and is particularly relevant at this time.

The book focuses on Daniel as an inspirational example of not just surviving in a second choice life, but someone who demonstrates that you can thrive where you are planted. This brings hope and encouragement for each one of us that we can flourish and sing a joyful song, wherever God has placed us.

“And this vital truth is hammered home throughout Daniel’s story: despite present appearances, God is in control. Heaven rules.”


The book will be published on the 1stFebruary. Here is a sneak preview, if you want to download and read the first chapter for free and /or pre-order the book. Preview ‘Singing in Babylon’

Something Treasured

Comfy boots! And I’m not talking fashion boots, I’m talking about walking boots, country boots, wellies, or whatever else you might call them! They are essential here in the winter when you have animals. At the moment the fields are so waterlogged, as it has been exceptionally wet. And you need waterproof boots for slip sliding through the mud…. I need a new pair, but at the moment we are suppose to exercise and shop ‘from home.’ The only shops that are open are the ones that are selling ‘essential goods.’ I’m reluctant to order from an online store because I want to be able to try them on. But more than that I also want to support our local shops. We should treasure them for the service they provide – so I will wait until I can buy locally.

Something Ahead

I know it is only January but I am looking forward to Spring. We are beginning to notice the days getting lighter for longer – it’s not dark now until about 5pm which is an improvement. I am beginning to plan for when we can get outside and do some more work in the garden. I have never before had much time for gardening, but last year was different! We utilised our outside space far more, and I’m looking forward to several new projects. The idea is to eventually make the garden less labour intensive, but initially we might have a lot of work to do! It is good to be able to plan ahead with something, especially now when we have to hold so many of our plans lightly!

January Share Four Somethings

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January Share Four Somethings

15 thoughts on “January Share Four Somethings

  1. Oh, I am looking forward to spring too! More thins year than ever, I think. I love your photo of the crocus coming up through dried brown stems and the words you chose to accompany the photo! We can begin to look for crocus in about 5 or 6 weeks here.

  2. The photo of the crocuses made me smile. Yes, a pair of comfy boots can make all of the difference in outings. I can’t buy shoes without trying them on first (mainly because my feet are big and can wear anywhere between a 9 1/2 and 11.

  3. That book sounds really interesting, I’ll have to check it out. I hope you can get out to your local shops and buy your comfy boots soon.

    1. So do I, before the others fall apart! Thanks for responding – the publisher is offering a free download of the first chapter on that link which is a great idea 😊

  4. Love these Four Somethings posts, Sharon. I appreciate learning more about you. I may have to try this myself this month. I’m looking forward to spring too. We’re supposed to get an extra warm day tomorrow so I’m looking forward to that early preview of spring.

  5. Psalm 137 is one of my favorites, partly because it isn’t a church platitude, a verse taken out of context for a coffee mug. I need to check that book out – Daniel is such a great example of not compromising your testimony!

    1. The book of Daniel has so much to challenge us with today and ‘Singing in Babylon’ draws out the truth and makes it so applicable. I received a pdf version to review but have ordered a paperback copy! Thanks for responding 😊

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