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Hold Lightly, while Holding Tightly!

This is something that God has been reminding me of this year, while uncertainty is everywhere. Some of those things that brought a sense of purpose and satisfaction, swiftly and abruptly, came to an end. Then I consoled myself that it was temporary, and soon things would be back to ‘normal.’ But time has moved on, and with it the realisation that things are going to be different.

Things have changed. But what matters more are the changes that God is working within us. We can embrace – yes, embrace – what God is doing within us, if we hold the things of this world lightly.

Hold Lightly

“Hold everything in your hands lightly, otherwise it hurts when God pries your fingers open.”

Corrie Ten Boom

Words can be so easy to say, but are true and authentic when they have been experienced personally! This quote from Corrie Ten Boom is powerful because of her testimony. Her world was destroyed, and she could just have been left holding the shattered pieces. But her story is not one of brokenness, but of God’s faithfulness. By His grace, her experience of God’s love and forgiveness, she was able to become an ambassador for peace and reconciliation. Corrie was able to let go of her past, because she had hold of a hope for the future!

Hope For the Future

We can hold fast, with a firm grip the promises of God. God is faithful, and we can trust in Him. It is only by faith in Him that we can know a peace that passes all understanding.

“Let us hold on tightly to our confession of hope, without being diverted; the one who announced the message to us is trustworthy.”

Hebrews 10:23 BFE

Everything has changed, and yet nothing has changed that matters.

That is one of the challenges of this year, to question, what have I been holding onto? From where have I gained my sense of hope, peace and joy? To hold lightly the transient, and to hold tight to the eternal. We remember that God does not change, and our hope in Him is secure.

“May the Lord bless you, and keep you, the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26

15 thoughts on “Hold Lightly, while Holding Tightly!”

  1. Love this “Everything has changed, and yet nothing has changed that matters.” and oh that corrie ten boom quote says it all! You are so right, what matters has not changed. Our unchanging, unshakable God is still God. thank you for this reminder this morning!

  2. It’s been hard to see the “peace that passes understanding” in some believers this year. I’m not calling them out because I certainly struggle too. I’m just wondering if we’ve been missing an opportunity to witness to our friends and neighbors. I hope God helps me to have and exhibit this kind of peace more often.

    Amie, FMF #16

  3. Are you in the UK too? Corrie Ten Boom such an inspiration. I love the way you write this. I have definatley been challenged in these times too about what I am holding onto. Fmf#6

    1. Hi Loretta – yes, I’m in Anglesey, North Wales. I’ve visited your site (the name is memorable) a few times but hadn’t worked out that you are in the UK too 🙂

  4. Everything around is strange,
    and nothing’s like what was;
    but God, y’know, He doesn’t change
    and it comforts me because
    I know He’s seen it all before,
    the illness and the strife,
    and though it seems like hell’s own door,
    to the Lord, well, that’s life,
    Creation messed up good and true
    by Grandpa Adam’ sin,
    but He will work in me and you
    so that our souls may win
    a joyous Heaven sent release
    beyond all understanding…peace.

  5. Yes, this year has definitely been teaching us to hold our plans lightly! This is such an encouraging post. I always love Corrie Ten Boom’s words and, as you say, carry weight because of all she experienced. Love the Blessing video too!

  6. What a great quote. And, a great reminder for me when you wrote ,everything has changed, and yet nothing has changed that matters. Praise God, That so so true. Thank you for sharing. Blessings to you. (Visit from FMF # 21)

  7. Love that quote from Corrie Ten Boom, and your reminder that no matter what is happening around us, God does not change and our hope in Him is secure..
    (Visiting from #39)

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