There is something fascinating about balloons, although as they lie quietly in the packet, they do not look like much at all. When we breathe life into them, though, they grow before our very eyes and once sealed they become what they are meant to be. They invite a response, to interact, and who can resist, reaching out and stretching, to keep that balloon floating in the air. We do not want to see it hit the ground, or get caught – we want to see it rise and soar, to claim it’s freedom and  go with the wind, far above us, onwards and upwards…

Is it the freedom that attracts us? Even now, does it speak to you, to the desire buried within, to be truly free from all constraint?

This short piece of prose was written for the Wednesday writing prompt – 131 words on balloons!

4 thoughts on “Balloons

  1. Loved it and it is so true!! Perfectly written! Thanks so much for linking up with me at my #WednesdayWrtingPromptLinkup – Balloons 131 Words!

  2. CONGRATS! Your writing creation is FEATURED at my #WednesdayWrtingPromptLinkup – 98 Words or Less, from my previous linkup for Balloons 131 Words!

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