Free Deborah Bible Study Questions

There are two options here for free Deborah Bible study questions. Either a 14-day reading plan to follow for individual study, or four sessions suitable for a small group study.

Free 14-Day Deborah Bible Study

Day 1 Setting the Scene

Read Judges 4:1-3

Question – How long had Israel been oppressed by king Jabin of Canaan?

Application – Why do we wait so long before turning to the Lord for help?

Day 2 Introducing Deborah

Read Judges 4:4-5, 5:7

Question – What words are used to describe Deborah?

Application – Do you think the order in which the words are listed is intentional? Do your priorities in relationships follow the same pattern?

Further Reading (2-3mins): 3 Characteristics of Deborah in the Bible

Further Listening (7.5mins): Deborah – Taking God at His Word

Day 3 Introducing Barak

Read Judges 4:6-8

Question –  Why does Deborah send for Barak? He responds to her summons but what condition did Barak place on accepting his commission?

Application – Have you ever been asked to do something that you felt was beyond your capability? Do you find it easier to work alone or with others? Why is that your preference?

Day 4 Deborah’s Confidence

Read Judges 4:9-10

Question – What was Deborah’s confident response to Barak based on?

Application – Where do you place your confidence? God’s plan to rescue Israel did not depend on Barak – it is a privilege to be chosen to serve the Lord. Does this change your view of sevice?

Further Reading (2-3 mins): Deborah & Barak Working Together

Further Listening (7.5 mins): Deborah & Barak – The Power of Collaboration

Day 5 Heber the Kenite

Read Judges 4:11-13

Question – What do you think is the significance of Heber’s move from the South of the country to the North?

Application – ‘Our heart follows our strongest emotion’ Do you agree with this statement? Consider what motivates your decisions.

Day 6 Deborah Leader of Israel & Barak Army Commander

Read Judges 4:14-16

Question – What do Deborah’s words to Barak imply?

Application – Do you live in the reality of the victory that Jesus has already won for us?

Day 7 Sisera Flees!

Read Judges 4:17-20

Question – Why did Sisera think that Jael’s tent would be a safe hiding place for him?

Application – Is it wise to make assumptions about people based on their relationships?

Day 8 Jael the Housewife

Read Judges 4:18-20

Jael appears to be on the lookout for news of the battle. Why would the outcome of the battle be important to Jael?

Application – Are you outward looking? Are you aware and informed on current issues? Do you think it is important for us as Christians?

Day 9 Victory Comes in an Unexpected Way

Read Judges 4:21-24

Question – Do you see the unexpected ways in which God fulfilled His plans and purposes here? List the events that brought about complete victory. How far back did you go?

Application – Refelct on how your calling is individual and unique. Do you believe that God has placed you where you are right now for a reason?

Further Reading (2-3 mins): Who was Jael in the Bible?

Further Listening (7.5 mins): Deborah & Jael – Knowing Your Unique Calling

Day 10 Victory Song!

Read Judges 5:1-5

Question – How did God ‘fight’ on Israel’s behalf? Compare the account here with Judges 4:15.

Application – Do you see co-incidences in your life, or do you see God-incidents? What difference does it make when you see God’s hand at work in the detail?

Day 11 Praise the LORD

Read Judges 5: 6-12

Question – Read verse 12 again – what is the clear message here?

Application – Reflect on what God has already accomplished for you and what your victory song looks like – try writing a few lines.

Day 12 Be Strong!

Read Judges 5:13-22

Question – In this song honor is given to those who fought for the cause of God’s kingdom. But what is said about those who refused to help?

Application – At times we will be challenged to take risks to respond with obedience and honor God. Reflect on what that might look like in your life today and think of examples among Christians in your community.

Day 13 Most Blessed

Read Judges 5:23 -27

Question – How did God’s creative power work for His people in defeating the enemies of Israel?

Application – There is a clear partnership here with God’s people stepping out in faith and His power at work on their behalf. Might there be areas of your life where God is calling you to step out in faith and trust in Him?

Day 14 Worshippers are God’s Warriors!

Read Judges 5:28-31

Question – How does the song end? What is the message behind the images used?

Application – This story is not about physical strength but about the strength of commitment to God. We are in a spiritual battle that is very real today. What weapons are at your disposal and how might you use them more effectively?

Further Reading (2-3mins): The Victory Song of Deborah

Further Listening (9.5mins): Deborah – Worshippers are Warriors

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