Forward Going
Forward Going

A Forward Going Horse

Everyone wants a forward going horse! One that will move forward under saddle, with a natural energy and enthusiasm to go places.

Nobody wants a backward horse, that doesn’t want to work, that doesn’t want to do anything, other than eat or stand and stare at the world going by.

I have a forward going horse, and when she was a youngster, I often thought her motto was “I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m going fast!” This created a lot of scary moments. I often struggled to communicate where we were going and the pace that I wanted to go at. The pace that was safe for the environment that we were in.

Direction and Guidance

You see that forward going energy and attitude still had to be channeled. It needed to be directed with clear communication, otherwise it had the potential to be harmful. Possibly to herself and to others. Slowly, with training, our communication improved, and her confidence grew.

My horse had to learn, to trust that I would lead her in the right direction. That she could listen to me and I would keep her safe. I would not ask her to do anything, that was too difficult, that she could not do. And very importantly, for her well-being, that there was reward in listening and responding to my commands.

Our Relationship With the Lord

There is so much that we can learn from this analogy for our relationship with the Lord.

  • We run to Him, and then we learn to walk with Him!
  • To walk with perception, and with understanding.
  • That we walk with purpose, knowing where we are going.
  • To walk at the right pace. Not to be running ahead with our own motives and in our own strength. Or fearfully, resisting and trailing behind.

There is so much more that I could say. But for today the five minutes is up, so I have to stop. And that is also important to know when to rest.

This post is part of the Five Minute Friday link up, where you write for five minutes on the word prompt, today it is ‘forward’.

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7 thoughts on “Forward!

  1. I once knew a cutting-horse
    well trained unto his purpose;
    he could do it all, of course,
    but his favourite was reverse.
    He could me those quick hooves fly
    back with elegance,
    but in the herd, it was goodbye
    if you lost your balance.
    Funny thing, he seemed to know
    the limit of my seat,
    and he would be sure to go
    at a pace that I could meet,
    the kind of pal to make a team
    of which most horsemen can but dream.

  2. This was such a beautiful analogy! This was a lovely reflection and it blessed me tonight.

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