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Something Loved

This February I am loving the opportunity to keep on learning, in what is still a very different season. Our church has not re-opened yet and there are still restrictions on non-essential retail and travel. But this means I have had the time to read and explore different Christian traditions and practices. I have appreciated the technology that has transformed isolation for so many and I love the fact that we have so many resources for knowledge at our finger-tips.

The church denomination that I belong to has never practised ‘Lent’ or followed closely the traditions of the Christian calendar. But this year I am engaging in Lent, and I am enjoying the more reflective aspect and the challenge to commit for forty days to a set discipline.

Something Read

At the beginning of February I received a free digital copy of “Lent and The Pilgrim: 12 Bible Studies for Lent and Easter” by Rev Rosalie Weller. The book provides all that you need to journey through scripture, from the start of Lent through to Easter week. Each study provides the readings, a reflection, and some questions. It then concludes with a prayer or suggestions for further research. There is clear teaching on core Christian principles and the thought-provoking questions will provide plenty of discussion points, making it ideal for small groups.

I have also read, “From a Mile Behind: Learning to outrun comparison and live your authentic life.” by Breonna Rostic. This book is targeted towards millennial women, who often struggle with comparison, but the issue is not limited to any one generation. It is written in a conversational style, with an openness about the problems that we all can face.

The book explores those emotions that follow comparison such as self-doubt, fear of rejection, self-pity and isolation. There are clear Scripture references, showing that comparison is as old as time. Each chapter ends with a declaration to affirm the teaching, a thought to take away and meditate on, a prayer to partner with God, and further reflection. This all encourages participation and practical application to move on and be who God created you to be!

From a Mile Behind, Breonna Rostic

Available from Amazon UK and US Kindle format only.

Lent and The Pilgrim, Rev Rosalie Weller

Available from Amazon UK and US in paperback and kindle format.

Something Treasured

February Share Four Somethings

I love living on an island. I love walking on the beach with the sound of the sea, even in February, and in the middle of a storm. There is a new trend here, of leaving painted pebbles for people to find on their walks. You can keep them if you wish or move the pebble to another location for someone else to find. Of course you take a picture and post it on Facebook – there is a group for doing that! There are a lot of talented people on this island, some of the pebbles are mini works of art, and others are done by children who just want to see how far their pebble will travel. I have found a few, moved some, and kept some as beach-combing ‘treasures.’ I keep meaning to find the time to paint some myself, but haven’t done any yet…..

Something Ahead

I am looking forward to some online training sessions in March. The first one is a Zoom session for bloggers on ‘How to set up a Mailing List.’ This has been organised by Lucy Rycroft who has created a Facebook group for her new venture. The technical side of blogging is still an area that I am very slowly getting to grips with. Having a Zoom training event, with the opportunity to ask questions will be so useful.

Then also in March, via Zoom, there are a number of ACW training days. I have only booked into one, due to time constraints, it was difficult to choose because they all look interesting. The full list of events is on their website. I am working 5-10am on the morning of the session I have booked into, so I will rush home, make a strong coffee, and log on with anticipation of an informative day. I apologise, in advance, if anyone sees the occasional yawn!

Share Four Somethings
February Share Four Somethings

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16 thoughts on “February Share Four Somethings

  1. How wonderful that you’re using this time to go deeper by engaging in Lent. My church never participates in it either, but I am reading a daily Lent devotional by Paul David Tripp and memorizing Isaiah 12 for it this year.

    How wonderful that you live on an island and can walk the beach. That sounds heavenly. I love the painted pebbles idea! There are so many ways that we can connect with other people along our path, even when our time doesn’t cross.

    1. I’ve bought a 40 day devotional to read through Lent – which I’m sure I will share at some point.
      And yes, it’s interesting how creative people have been through this different season – I must find the time to do some painting this next month….

  2. I have enjoyed “visiting” other churches during this pandemic year. It is an opportunity to learn more about different church and cultural traditions.

  3. Hello from another 4 Somethings fan! Yes, this has been a good season for Lent in more ways than one … especially those of us who did not grow up observing the ‘church calendar.’ My borders are being stretched during the pandemic … this is when technology is a very good thing!

    So nice to meet you here today, Sharon. Your place is so soothing …

  4. I’m glad you’re enjoying your time of reflection during Lent, and I love the idea of people painting stones and leaving them for others to find! Which one of the ACW days are you going to? I’m doing the self-publishing one next week and the one about writing for children. I’m impressed that you’re joining in after such an early start!

  5. Wow Sharon. beautiful. I’m happy to hear you have been blessed with the extra time to read and learn more. I love learning and am an avid reader. I had heard about the traveling painted rocks, but have forgotten about them until you mentioned them. I really like the concept. Blessings.

  6. Your books sound lovely. I like that your island has painted rocks. We’ve found a few at local parks on occasion and it’s always a fun surprise. One time I found a small canvas in a Little Free Library.

  7. My grandsons and I painted rocks and “hid” them in the local park for people to find. It was a fun project. They were thrilled when we went back to check and someone had found them. They wrote tiny positive messages on each one.

  8. The technical side of blogging!? Oh my. It really does make something so enjoyable…well, rather challenging. I need to look into some classes/training.

  9. I always like to read about your island, it sounds so peaceful 🙂 and painted pebbles sounds like fun. Thank you for the reminder about the ACW training days – I need to look into those.

  10. I think it is wonderful that you taking this time to engage in more learning, and I pray this Lent season is a time of growth as well. Thanks for linking up!

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