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A Rhema Word – Enlargement

A Rhema Word

In the New Testament there are two different Greek words for the ‘word’ of God, one is ‘rhema’ the other is logos. A rhema word is a Greek word which literally means an utterance or something said. The rhema word is understood to be God’s word spoken to you at this present moment.This can be when a particular word of Scripture speaks specifically into your situation. When you are reading or praying, it is received as being pertinent to your circumstance and speaking to you personally. A word that brings encouragement or even a challenge!

The Logos Word

The word ‘logos’ is used as the constant written word of God. If we are willing and open to receive, it will speak to us in some way, every time we read the Scriptures.The understanding then is that the ‘logos’ word, speaks to us in a more general sense on a daily basis but that on occasion we can receive a ‘rhema’ word. Some people may make no distinction between the ‘rhema’ or ‘logos’ word, accepting that God’s word is powerful whenever it is known and received, felt or experienced.

Known and Experienced

From my own experience, I believe that sometimes you can be reading a familiar passage of Scripture, something that you may have read many times before, and suddenly it appears to have a real personal significance, and you apply the truth directly to your life and situation. I know that there are a couple of memorable times, when I have had this experience.

The first time it was a word of instruction, of comfort and hope, a verse to hold onto through a dark and difficult time in my life. The second time it was a verse that challenged me to change my perspective and have a different view of my circumstances and situation – it was in fact to see that there was a new beginning ahead for me, full of possibilities!

A New Beginning

If you’d like to read more, clink on the link to read my guest post on Anchored Voices. Their current theme is ‘How this verse changed me’ and the post I have written is called ‘A New Beginning’. I hope you will join me there….

11 thoughts on “A Rhema Word – Enlargement”

  1. I remember when I first discovered these two very distinct Greek words. Logos is the completed written Word of God true for all people for all time. Rhema is when a particular portion is specifically applied to a situation in our present moment. We need both in our lives on a daily basis. Thank you for bringing this reminder today.

  2. This is an insightful message about the word of God. I have felt scripture be “personalized” for me at different times in my life. I am always grateful for the learning.

  3. I liked your thoughts on how God speaks to us. I, too, have had moments when a certain passage of scripture seemed to have pertinent meaning for me.

    1. I do think you have to be careful with a ‘rhema’ word that you are not ‘misled’ so I would always approach it as a confirmation, that it fits with godly principles as a whole – thank you for your response.

  4. I’m so glad you decided to pull up your tent peg and try writing, Sharon. And I love how you point out that when we take a step like that and stretch ourselves toward God’s calling, we can trust Him with the results. Wonderful post, friend.

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