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Although I love studying the Word of God for myself, I also enjoy using a daily devotional book. Sometimes having a different theme or topic to follow is very refreshing. I am sharing these devotionals with you as they are all ones that I have enjoyed reading. If you are starting to think about gifts, these would make great presents!

A Daily Devotional – The Beauty Within by Rosalyn Derges

‘Discover your God-given worth, A reflective journal.’ This book consists of 42 different ‘sessions’ spelled out in the dedication ‘for women who have a desire to grow in the likeness of Jesus and discover how beautiful they are.’ The individual themes are each about three pages long. There is also space in each one, for you to write your own thoughts and comments. They all start with a scripture verse for the day, and spaced through the book there are some longer reflections. The author calls these pages ‘pause and consider’. It is very much a reflective journal and you do need to set aside time to get the most out of the book. It will make a lovely gift for someone or a great daily devotional tool if you want to treat yourself!

Daily devotional book - The Beauty Within, Rosalyn Derges.
Daily devotional Book – The Beauty Within, Rosalyn Derges

Hardback book, available from Amazon UK, Amazon US

Bible Delight – Heartbeat of the Word of God, Psalm 119 for the Bible teacher and Bible hearer by Christopher Ash.

This commentary on Psalm 119 is broken down into twenty two sections, making it ideal as a devotional daily reader. The author states that many people dip into Psalm 119 for ‘golden nuggets.’ In fact it is meant to be read in its entirety, and it is meant to be sung! The writer identifies eight ‘word’ words in the psalm. Different translations may record variations on these: Instruction, Testimonies, Precepts, Statutes, Commandments, Judgements, Word, and Promise. These are covenant words: “and covenant is the wallpaper of the psalm; it lies behind every verse.” He refers to these words as two-way words with the first direction being grace. These are words that create and sustain relationship. There are two questions for personal response at the end of each section. This book is a great devotional for developing a love for God’s word, and the psalms in particular.

Daily devotional book - Psalm 119, Christopher Ash.
Daily devotional Book – Psalm 119, Christopher Ash

Paperback book, available from Amazon UK, Amazon US

Soul Fuel – A Daily Devotional by Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls is probably best known for his TV programmes as a survival expert. He is regarded as an all-round adventure ‘hero’ but there is so much more than that. In this book he shares some stories of his own life and the foundation of his faith in God. There are 360 separate entries grouped around different themes. From where it all started, through hope, purpose, relationships, forgiveness, and more, until finishing with risk. Each theme starts with a page which explores part of his story. It then moves into the daily reflections, which are all accompanied by a scripture verse, or verses.

The style and image of the book is designed to appeal to boys and men, but the reflections themselves are suitable for all. This would be a great daily reader for families of boys. Or equally for any young men who are searching for answers regarding faith. Even for the busy man who wants a short daily reading, to challenge and reflect on, at the start of the day.

Daily devotional Book, Soul Fuel, Bear Grylls.
Daily devotional Book, Soul Fuel, Bear Grylls

Hardback book, available from Amazon UK, Amazon US

And finally…..

Light for the Shadows, A-Z Pocketful of Promises by Sharon Hazel

This is a little booklet that I started writing seven years ago and finished in spring this year. The how, and why it took so long, is explained in the prologue and epilogue of the book. I go into a little more detail about Light for the Shadows here and there is a link for a free download of the scriptures, as memory cards. The book has an A-Z of encouraging scripture verses with a short reflection for each letter and is ideal as a short reflective daily reader. Available from Amazon

Daily devotional book - Light for the Shadows, Sharon Hazel
Daily devotional books

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  1. I recently completed the Soul Fuel bible plan on YouVersion and loved it. Congrats on finishing your devotional, will check it out.

  2. wow, these all sound like great reads! I am especially interested in the PSalm 119 devotional. What a beautiful Psalm!! I will be listing these for my next purchases! Thank you!

  3. I haven’t heard of these! So excited to check out new ideas.

    My teen son is quite the outdoorsman. Wondering if the book would be of interest to him. Definitely checking it out!

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