What is the definition of compromise?

To compromise is to give concession in an argument or disagreement, with the aim of being able to reach an agreement. This is not always easy. When my husband and I were dating we had our first argument over whether you should be willing to agree to differ. We didn’t agree!

In our relationships (we did learn), you need the ability to compromise. Family life is dependent on everyone being willing, at times, to compromise on personal preferences. We are not always going to agree on everything. We will have different views and opinions. Our likes and dislikes, will be based on our character and personality. For a family unit to work together every day, there has to be a willingness to compromise. At the same time, trying to be fair and to take everyone’s views into consideration.

No Compromise

However we should not compromise on our integrity, on our core beliefs. There is one relationship that demands our all and our wholehearted commitment. That is to love the Lord with all of our heart, soul and strength.

“For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him.”

2 Chronicles 16:9

Throughout history there are those heroes of faith who stood for what they believed in. People who fought for the freedom of speech, and the freedom to practice our faith, that we now take for granted. We should not be complacent. There is a need to encourage dialogue, and discussion, with those who have different views from our own. And be willing to speak out, to say what we believe.

The Challenge

To do what is right in God’s sight, and the challenge today is very real! I pray for the strength, when needed, to be true to the One who gave everything for me…..

Stop – This post is part of the Five Minute Friday writing challenge, where you write for five minutes on a one word prompt – today’s word is ‘compromise’.

10 thoughts on “Compromise

  1. yes, good point! sometimes compromise is needed and sometimes it is not, wisdom is knowing when, huh? not always easy. thank you for sharing this.


  2. I think pride often prevents me from compromising on things that don’t matter, and there really are a lot of things that don’t matter. Oh, I think they matter… and they matter to me a great deal at the moment. However, in the long run, I find that when I disagree with someone so strongly, the lasting impression of my stubbornness is more destructive than it would have been for me to give up my fight. Lord, help me.

  3. Awesome blog! I said pretty much the same thing ( as did Joanne Viola) in our blogs. It is interesting how as writers we can have the same views and express our views in our own individual and unique ways. It is good to read each writers way of writing about the same word: compromise.
    Terri D
    #7 FMF

  4. I think you did a great job with this, and I hope you like the sonnet you inspired.

    They asked me to go with the flow,
    not hold things up with faith,
    for how could I presume to know
    exactly what God saith?
    They said the Bible’s literary,
    not supernatural work,
    and my belief was arbitrary;
    some said I was a jerk.
    I pursed my lips and nodded;
    they thought I’d given in,
    and some even applauded
    that I’d join in their sin.
    I said, “I work on God’s remit;
    good-day to everyone…I quit!”

    1. Thanks Andrew, you are a great encourager! Sometimes there are more questions than answers, and we can be a little superficial – or even plastic 🙂 – with our faith, and only pray that if everything is stripped away we will remain faithful. ps I’d never heard the Billy Idol song before! And again, a great sonnet.

  5. I love the bible verse you picked at the beginning. You may if struggles but you got the message across beautifully. I struggled too this week. X

    1. Thank you – that is one of my favourite scriptures (although there are many!). I think I found it hard as it was such a big subject and trying to be concise was a challenge – but after all that’s part of the fun! x

  6. Yes, learning to compromise in marriage is one of the biggest lessons to learn but so incredibly worth it. I love how you pointed out that sometimes compromise is a good thing but then also there are times when we shouldn’t compromise especially when it comes to our faith in Jesus and the truth of God’s Word.

    Annie FMF#12

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