Still Waiting

I’ve noticed recently on social media and in conversation, that ‘stay safe’ seems to have become a new catchphrase – as if it is in our power to keep ourselves safe from harm. But can I really, by some act of will choose to stay safe – has this phrase become popular as some sort of reassurance that we are in control of what is happening?

The Secret

Do you want to know a secret? Do you want to discover how to trade your irritability for peace, your anxiety for trust, your frustration at being constrained to release and freedom? I should imagine that most people would cautiously and maybe somewhat sceptically say, yes to those questions. Do you want to find aContinue reading “The Secret”

Born Free!

It is very true that we are all born with an innate freedom in our spirit, unconstrained, unrestricted, able to express ourselves freely! I remember my eldest son’s third birthday, he had a Batman dressing-up suit and a Batman figure among his presents, of course straight away he had to put the suit on toContinue reading “Born Free!”

See Possibilities

Aksah, to me, is an inspirational woman who had the vision, and motivation, to fulfill her potential. Who, you might say? She appears in only a couple of verses of scripture¹, but her voice is still there, speaking out to us today. She was a child of the wilderness, born during Israel’s exodus from Egypt.Continue reading “See Possibilities”

Following the Footsteps

As I was out walking today, I was reflecting on the painted footprints on the pavement (or sidewalk!). In our town last year three of the small primary schools (for children age 4-11) closed and they opened one big new purpose-built school, to bring all those pupils and resources together in the one building. SoContinue reading “Following the Footsteps”


Everyone wants a forward going horse! One that will move forward, under saddle, with a natural energy and enthusiasm to go places. Nobody wants a backward horse, that doesn’t want to work, that doesn’t want to do anything other than eat or stand and stare at the world going by. I have a forward goingContinue reading “Forward!”

Bird song and other Inspiration

There is so much bird song at the moment – I wake early every morning and listen to a unique choir, singing a new endless arrangement. They do not think about it, they are not inhibited, they do not hold back worrying about what other birds might think – it is the season for singingContinue reading “Bird song and other Inspiration”