Share Four Somethings September

Something loved, read, treasured and ahead. It often happens here that in August the weather breaks and can be wet’n windy and unpredictable, but it seems once the children go back to school, at the beginning of September the wind drops and the sun comes out again. I love September…

Is Church More than Tea and Biscuits?

One of my earliest memories of church is pre-school. It was afternoon and I was in a small upstairs room at ‘The Sisterhood’ meeting with my Mum. She was playing the piano and I was sitting on the front row on a hard wooden chair for the longest time ever…

Is true encouragement investing in the lives of others?

What does the phrase ‘investing in the lives of others’ mean to you? One definition is to put our money or time into something or someone with the expectation that there will be a profitable return – but God’s ways are different…

Is Encouragement Important in Friendship?

Friendships are formed when we are willing to give our time and attention to another person and encouragement is all about giving! It is a gift that we can develop to help build relationships, in our churches, workplace, and social groups. Are we prepared to reach out and make others welcome?

Is Encouragement More Than Just Kind Words?

If we are honest, we all like kind and encouraging words, and sometimes that is enough – a kind word can cheer someone up and make a difference, even change their day for the better. But there are also times when words alone are not enough….

Choose To Walk in Love and Freedom

In scripture walking is frequently used as an image to represent our behaviour in our relationship with God. Spiritually do you choose to walk in love, in the wide place, that is in the freedom of God’s grace?


In June our national newspapers all showed one particular picture taken at a Black Lives Matter event, which had descended from a peaceful protest into a violent riot between opposition groups and the police. What had caught the attention of the press was a ‘modern day good Samaritan’.

Thrive Where You are Planted

During the summer months the roadside grass verges, and even the lower slopes of the mountains, are full of these bright orange to red flowers. They add a beautiful splash of colour and thrive among the brambles, gorse, and heather – but they are not native to Wales!

3 Good Reads for Summer!

3 Good Reads for Summer! There is nothing more relaxing than being on holiday, and sitting in the sun with something good to read! It could well be that this year the first two are not an option – but wherever you find yourself, create a little space to escape with a great book.