Psalms for Morning Prayer

The Psalms were written with the purpose of drawing people into conversation with God, designed to be spoken and sung. They teach us so much about the nature of prayer and praise from their example of honest expression. The psalmists don’t hold back, but pour out their heartfelt concerns to God with deep and searching questions. Often we see a progression, from questioning to remembering God’s past faithfulness, leading to worship. Psalms for morning prayer have the power to change our perspective right at the start of the day.

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Praying for our children – 7 Pointers for Persistence

As parents we have a lifelong calling to be praying for our children, which starts from the moment that they are born and we first dedicate them to the Lord. When they are babies, and young children, the physical demands of caring can be exhausting. And when they become teenagers, and young adults, the emotional burden can become draining. But Scripture teaches us that as we wait, trust, and hope in the Lord, we can receive new strength.

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