Still Waiting

I’ve noticed recently on social media and in conversation, that ‘stay safe’ seems to have become a new catchphrase – as if it is in our power to keep ourselves safe from harm. But can I really, by some act of will choose to stay safe – has this phrase become popular as some sort of reassurance that we are in control of what is happening?

Speak for Justice

A Heart for Justice There was once a man who had a heart for justice and we know very little about him. What we do know is that he found himself at just the right time, and in the right place, to speak up and save a man’s life. He was hundreds of miles fromContinue reading “Speak for Justice”

Follow the Footsteps

The Right Path As I was out walking today, I was reflecting on the painted footprints on the pavement (or sidewalk). In our town last year three of the small primary schools (for children age 4-11) closed. Instead one big new purpose-built school opened, to bring all those pupils and resources together in the oneContinue reading “Follow the Footsteps”

Bird song and other Inspiration

There is so much bird song at the moment. I wake early every morning and listen to a unique choir, singing a new endless arrangement. They do not think about it, they are not inhibited. Birds do not hold back, worrying about what other birds might think. It is the season for singing, and soContinue reading “Bird song and other Inspiration”

Strong, not Tough

I don’t know about you, but for me it is a constant conflict of how to be strong and yet not become tough. Strength, is that deep un-shakeable confidence in who you are, and your ability to endure. To be able to be consistent and true to yourself – through hardships and difficulties. I amContinue reading “Strong, not Tough”

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