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Elohim – God the Creator

The understanding of Elohim, as God the Creator, is the foundation of our Christian faith. It underpins our belief in His Sovereignty, that God is the Creator of everything and He governs the Universe. Scripture teaches that creation declares God’s rule and authority, and that all life is sustained by God. These are fundamental truths that shape our daily life now and are the basis of our hope.

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Bible Study

Zechariah and Elizabeth – Authentic Faith

Luke’s gospel begins with an introduction to an older, godly couple – Zechariah and Elizabeth. They are drawn in to the nativity story and included in the wonder of God’s redemption plan for humanity. But God’s timing is also perfect for them as individuals – in a way which is forever beyond their understanding. God is Sovereign and over all, and yet in His majesty He is still a relational God, and our loving Heavenly Father.

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I AM the Way the Truth and the Life

In John’s Gospel there are seven statements that Jesus made declaring His ministry and purpose. They reveal not what other people said, or say about Jesus, but what He said about Himself. The ‘I AM’ statements all reveal an aspect of Jesus’ servant heart. But when Jesus said, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life’ He was introducing to his disciples a radical new concept that He was the way to God.

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A Rainbow - The Symbol of the Noahic Covenant
Bible Study

The Noahic Covenant, Unconditional Promises!

The flood in the time of Noah reflects a bleak and dark time in human history but it is also a story of redemption. Noah is granted two clear unconditional promises by God for him and his descendants. The Noahic covenant brought a new beginning with hope for the future. The signs of God’s promises to Noah endure and are visible to all. For those who love the Lord they bring comfort and reassurance that God is in control, He is Sovereign over all of creation.

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A picture of a wilderness, desert environment.
Bible Study

The Divine Name “Yahweh LORD”

The Hebrew name for God as ‘Yahweh’ is translated in English Biblical text, as LORD. This is distinct and different to Adonay which appears as ‘Lord’ and is used in the context of ‘Lord or Master.’ The name for God as Yahweh LORD, is not a title, but a sacred, personal, divine name. This aspect of God’s character was revealed to Moses at His call and commission to lead Israel out of Egypt. Moses wanted to know how to identify God to the elders of Israel. He wanted to know who God was, as more than the God of his ancestors. God answered Moses’ question with an intriguing self-description.

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