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Spiritual Armor – Do We Need All 7 Pieces?

When we by faith accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior we become children of God. This is a position of privilege, as we inherit God’s promises and blessings and experience His goodness in our daily life. But we also need to be aware that we become part of a cosmic spiritual battle, revealed throughout Scripture, between God and Satan. This is not something to be alarmed about because Jesus came to destroy Satan’s work, and he is a defeated foe. But the battle is not over yet, and we have been given spiritual armor for our protection so that we can stand against Satan’s schemes.

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Barnabas – Is Encouragement More Than Kind Words?

If we are honest, we all like receiving kind words. Sometimes that is enough – a little encouragement can lift us up and improve our day. But there are also times when words alone are not enough to encourage or make a difference, and practical help is needed. In the early church, there was one man, Barnabas, who became known as an encourager. Was that because of his kind words or something more?

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I Am The True Vine – Stay Connected

John chapters fifteen and sixteen record the last in-depth conversation that Jesus had with His disciples. It was time to leave the upper room, where they had shared the last supper together. Maybe they were gathering themselves together to leave, or they were already out on the road walking to Gethsemane. Jesus knew that His time had come to fulfil His purpose and He was trying to prepare His disciples for what lay ahead. In these last hours, Jesus said; “I am the true vine.”

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Are Signs from God Relevant Today?

How God ‘speaks’ to us is a question that will have so many different answers depending on your faith background and personal experience. What Christians will agree on, is that God does ‘speak’ to His people today and that is a source of amazement and wonder. Maybe we should not be surprised by the myriad of different ways that God chooses to communicate with us – He is our Heavenly Father and signs from God are part of His language!

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Elohim – God the Creator

The understanding of Elohim, as God the Creator, is the foundation of our Christian faith. It underpins our belief in His Sovereignty, that God is the Creator of everything and He governs the Universe. Scripture teaches that creation declares God’s rule and authority, and that all life is sustained by God. These are fundamental truths that shape our daily life now and are the basis of our hope.

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Zechariah and Elizabeth – Authentic Faith

Luke’s gospel begins with an introduction to an older, godly couple – Zechariah and Elizabeth. They are drawn in to the nativity story and included in the wonder of God’s redemption plan for humanity. But God’s timing is also perfect for them as individuals – in a way which is forever beyond their understanding. God is Sovereign and over all, and yet in His majesty He is still a relational God, and our loving Heavenly Father.

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