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Women Prophets in the Bible – Who Were They?

Does it come as a surprise that there are women prophets in the Bible, or maybe that there are more than you thought? But who were they? There is a list here of inspiring women, who prophesied, from the Old and New Testament Scriptures. Some are only mentioned briefly while others are women who fulfilled their godly calling, who were bold and courageous to speak God’s word. And more than that, they acted in faith and sought to honor God through their actions. We will explore who they were, but before we do that let’s first examine exactly what is a prophetess.

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Bible Study, Biblical Women

3 Relevant Lessons From The Life of Miriam!

Miriam’s story appears in Scripture as part of the bigger picture of God rescuing and redeeming the nation of Israel. But she had a role, and an important one. There are spiritual lessons from the life of Miriam that have a relevant message for us today. Sometimes we may feel small and insignificant in the light of national events. But, as Miriam’s story reveals, God cares deeply and is interested in each one of us!

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3 Obstacles That Keep Us From God

There are many factors that can affect our faith because none of us are immune from life’s troubles. It is misleading to imply that when we become a Christian all our problems are solved. There will still be challenges, they are part of our journey through life and cannot be avoided. But are there obstacles that keep us from God? And if so, what are they?

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10 Bible Verses About Abiding in Christ

Abiding in Christ Bible verses are full of encouragement to strengthen our faith. But what exactly does it mean to abide in Christ? The word abide is a verb that means to accept, but it is not passive, it is an active acceptance. Abiding in Christ then, is a process of nurturing our faith through our relationship with the Lord.

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I Am The True Vine – Stay Connected

John chapters fifteen and sixteen record the last in-depth conversation that Jesus had with His disciples. It was time to leave the upper room, where they had shared the last supper together. Maybe they were gathering themselves together to leave, or they were already out on the road walking to Gethsemane. Jesus knew that His time had come to fulfil His purpose. In these last hours, Jesus said; “I am the true vine.”

This is the seventh I AM statement of Jesus. It brings to perfect completion His description of His ministry and purpose. It is the most intimate statement – spoken to those who were His closest disciples. In the final moments of Jesus’ earthly ministry He makes a plea to stay connected to Him!

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The Meaning of the Parable of the Sower Today

Jesus often spoke to the crowds of people who followed Him in parables. These were stories with hidden meanings and He rarely interpreted them. But there is one well-known story where Jesus not only explains what it means but also why He chose to speak in parables. As we explore the meaning of the parable of the sower, we dig deeper into the relevance of Jesus’ words for our lives today.

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