Born Free!

It is very true that we are all born with an innate freedom in our spirit, unconstrained, unrestricted, able to express ourselves freely! I remember my eldest son’s third birthday, he had a Batman dressing-up suit and a Batman figure among his presents, of course straight away he had to put the suit on to play. Later on, I took him out to the local park – still dressed as Batman – and I remember him running down a slope to the children’s play area, clutching the toy figure in his hand, his cape flying out behind him and shouting Baaaatmaaan!! He drew a few looks from some of the other families and particularly from older children, but he was completely oblivious, enjoying his new gifts to the full.

Somewhere along the way we become self-conscious, more concerned with what other people think – was it by his fourth or fifth birthday? Later than that I hope…..

Of course, we do need to teach and guide children to be self-aware, to consider the affect of their words and actions on other people, but it is a shame to lose some of the spontaneity and freedom.

There is a child-like simplicity that we should seek to return to when we are born-again, when we acknowledge the Lord as our Saviour, we are free to be ourselves, trusting in the love of our Heavenly Father……Dare I write a verse/poem? Well why not?

Father God I am loved by you,

I am precious in your sight.

All of my quirks and foibles,

made by you, so that’s alright……

This post is part of the Five Minute Friday link up – the prompt for today was ‘Born’

10 thoughts on “Born Free!

  1. Amen! Let us always have the freedom to express our love for God. All too often we adults succumb to peer pressure and fail to express our love through obedience. I haven’t seen you around the link up before! Welcome!

  2. I have traveled past the place
    where I care what they think;
    dying is a living grace,
    and I’ll have another drink.
    Censure or approval
    are now the same to me,
    since God’s quiet removal
    of my humility.
    And now I stand astride the earth,
    a giant in the dawn,
    cancer gives a second birth,
    and I can now count on
    the fact that though this day be hell,
    by God, my friend, I’m dying well!

  3. That is a cute little Batman there! Aren’t those early memories wonderful?? I enjoyed your post today…glad you joined the linkup!

  4. Love this! And it’s so true! What a great point of view with the prompt! Your #fmf Facebook neighbor, Cindy

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