Are you tired of dealing with the same issues, facing the same battles over and over again? Do you feel that you are stuck with your problems and spiritually you just can’t seem to find a way forward?

Moving On comprises of four Bible stories revolving around people facing difficult challenges. These become life-defining moments for them as they overcome and move on. Stories from the lives of Elijah, Elisha, Peter and Paul which touch on the themes of fear, pride, regret and condemnation. What we learn can have an impact, if we allow it, and become part of our own journey of faith.

Each chapter ends with a few questions for further personal reflection or could be used in small group discussion.

Available from Amazon £5.99 +pp

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  1. I liked the structure of this book as the life-defining moments in the lives of the four characters,* Elijah, * Elisha, * *Simon Peter and * Saul the Pharisee are outlined under the Headings of *The Story,* A Reflection and *An Application: I liked the continuity that this gave as each of the characters came into focus across the book. The ‘Questions for Personal Reflection or Group Discussion’ page is a very useful tool and the clearly-presented Scripture References across the book are very valuable for further study as required. I found myself saying a loud ‘Amen’ to some insightful comments made by the author across the book…well done, Sharon Hazel!


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