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Bible Study on Deborah – An Inspirational Woman of God

There are many inspirational stories in Scripture of men and women who in many ways were just like us. Although their stories are set in a different time and culture, human nature has not changed. We still share many similar experiences, emotions, and challenges today. This Bible Study on Deborah is a comprehensive guide through her story with lessons that are relevant to our lives!

Why was Deborah Important?

This Bible study on Deborah provides the resources to explore fully this story of an inspirational woman of God. In the time of the Judges when Israel had no king, and often no clear leadership, ‘everyone did what they saw fit.’ But Deborah stood out – her faith in God and obedient service marked her out as an unusual woman in the age in which she lived. She was instrumental in stirring the hearts of the people to trust in God and believe in the promises of His word.

Deborah’s life has a message for both men and women down through the years – but particular encouragement to other women. The story of Deborah stirs our faith and reminds us to see the possibilities in God. He is not restricted by our gender or our status. God looks for whosoever will believe, depend on, and be committed to His plan and purposes.

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Summary of the Story of Deborah

In this Bible study on Deborah, we explore through Judges chapters 4-5 who was Deborah and why she is regarded as inspirational.  Through her leadership, she inspired people to rise up and fight against oppression. Often, Israel was attacked by enemies outside its borders but at this time the enemy was within the promised land.

The nation of Israel appears to have been disarmed and the opposing force had overwhelming military strength, but God responded to the cry of His people for help. Deborah, along with Barak of Naphtali, takes on the opposing army of king Jabin of Canaan. God out manoeuvres Sisera, the commander of the opposing army, and in a dramatic victory, the enemy’s force is decimated and destroyed.

But there is a twist to the story and the honor of defeating the enemy commander goes to a woman. An ordinary woman, within the confines of her home, who is watchful to see or hear the outcome of the battle. Her allegiance is with Israel and when she is presented with an opportunity to act, Jael does not hesitate.

In the full Deborah Bible study resources, we learn not only from Deborah, but also from the actions of Barak, and Jael.

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Why Did God Choose Deborah?

In the Deborah Bible Study, we explore some of the characteristics of this inspirational woman of God. Does the answer lie there as to why God chose Deborah?

What Scripture makes clear at the beginning of the book of Judges is that this was a period of time with a cycle of behavior by the nation of Israel. Without a strong leader, the people soon became corrupted and stopped following God. They began to follow the ways of the surrounding nations and turned to idol worship.

When God removed His protection from Israel, they would become oppressed by their enemies. Then they would cry out to God for deliverance, and He would raise up a Judge to lead and save them.

But the Judges were not chosen by their tribe, gender, personality, or for their leadership qualities. Each of the Judges is unique and has a different story and skills to offer. What God always looks for is those who will respond in faith, who will trust, and be committed to Him. God sees what others may not see because He views our hearts.

The reason God chose Deborah becomes visible by her actions throughout the story in Judges chapters four and five.

What Lessons Can We Learn From Deborah in the Bible?

We learn that Deborah is a godly, inspirational woman, who listens to God and responds with obedience to His word. She is courageous and willing to step out in faith to contend with the enemies of God.

Deborah understands the power of collaboration and the need to work together to see God’s plans and purposes fulfilled. But she also is very clear and confident in her calling and her God-given gifts and talent.

Sometimes we overlook the fact that Deborah was a worship leader, who does not waste any time in giving God all the glory for the victory and success that He brings.

Maybe the biggest lesson we can learn from Deborah is to live our life for an audience of One!

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Deborah Bible Study Questions

I hope that I’ve encouraged you to dig in and do a thorough Deborah Bible Study. All you need is provided here, so set aside the time and grab your Bible, a notebook, pen, and these free Deborah Bible Study Questions!

There is a choice, firstly an individual study over 14 days. This breaks Judges chapters 4-5 down into daily readings with a Scripture-based question, and application, for each day.

Find your individual online Deborah Bible Study Questions on the following page – CLICK HERE

The second option is for a small group study guide, which is broken down into four sessions with questions for reflection, and application.

  1. Explores who was Deborah in the Bible and begins to look at the characteristics of this inspirational woman of God.
  2. Introduces Barak of Naphtali and the power of collaboration.
  3. Examines how the story of Jael is linked to Deborah and that we each have an individual, and unique, calling.
  4. Studies the Song of Deborah and Barak and how in God’s kingdom worshippers are the warriors.

Find your online small group Deborah Bible Study Questions on the following page – CLICK HERE

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The full in-depth Deborah Bible Study also links to four devotional videos on YouTube – this is the first in the series titled Deborah, Taking God at His Word!

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