Could I, Would I, Should I Do This?

Could I? Would I? Should I?

This post is written as part of the Five Minute Friday writing prompt – to write for five minutes on one word. This week’s word is ‘Could.’

Could you? Questions your capability.

Would you? Questions your willingness.

Should you? Questions obligation or correctness…

Could, would and should, do they all have to be an affirmative before we respond and take on any new task? Life is full of choices, some big and some small, but they all take our most precious commodity, limited and un-replaceable time!

Of course it is all about priorities and because I have been reflecting on how we walk recently – choose to walk in love and freedom – my prayer is Lord, help me to walk in step with the Spirit and so to make wise choices.

To know that when God prompts us to do something, we do not have to rely on our own capability, that in fact we can step out confidently in faith, God will equip and enable us to do what He call us to do.

To know that God looks for the willing, for the fully committed, not for the most highly skilled or capable person but for those who will say, ‘Here am I’

To know what is right in God’s sight, to know our duty, and to be obedient to the guidance and direction of His word.

“Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.”

Galatians 5:10

Now I have some time available this afternoon, it is a cool, grey very windy day here, what could I, would I, should I do? My family have asked me to make some ginger biscuits…well that one is an easy choice!

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7 thoughts on “Could I, Would I, Should I Do This?

  1. This is a great approach to answering the questions we all face regarding our actions. Sometimes we don’t fully understand the “could” and the “should” so we struggle with the “would.” Or we say, “I would do that, if I could.” I think the thing that ties those three questions together is our faith in God. He’s the only one who makes sense of our coulds, woulds, and shoulds.

    Amie, FMF #12.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes of course, upholding you in prayer – that you will receive strength and relief from pain, a very tangible sense of God’s presence with you and a healing touch from the Lord. Will keep on praying for you, you are not alone! God bless.


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