What kind of people ought you to be?

The apostle Peter asks that question – and then answers it! That in the light of the transitory nature of life and indeed of this whole world, as we know it, our values and priorities should be fixed on eternity. That is easy to say, but harder to live out….

Today, where I am, we are a storm battered people – again! The weather, which is a constant topic of conversation is so changeable. Yesterday we sat outside in the garden in the sunshine and had a family BBQ. Today seemingly out of nowhere a storm has blown in off the Irish sea with strong winds and pouring rain….It is a constant example of how quickly, even overnight things can change and how transitory our plans can be. And how easy it is to be affected by our circumstances – no-one that I have met so far today has said what a good day it is!

So, to answer the question, for me it is:

To be a people who seek to please God, and not purely other people.

To be a people who accept each other, in order to bring praise to God.

To be a people, who know that we are blessed, that indeed we are the people of God – by His mercy and grace!


This post is written as part of the Five Minute Friday writing link-up – to free write for five minutes on a one word prompt – today’s word was ‘people’.

Some of the other link-ups I join can be found here:

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