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12 Best Podcasts for Christian Women

There is a huge range of Podcasts out there for you to listen to on almost any and every subject. The selection listed here is specifically podcasts for Christian women on prayer, faith-filled life, and Bible study. They are a great resource packed full of information, encouragement, and inspiration for our daily life. Check out the list and I hope it will inspire you to have a listen!

Is There a Prayer Podcast?

There are prayer podcasts, but not as many as I thought there would be! I’ve selected a couple of prayer teaching podcasts, some prayer-filled conversation and reflection, and also a daily Scripture-based guided prayer podcast. If you feel that your prayer life has lost its way a little then there is lots of help and inspiration available here.

Prayer Podcast

Teach Us to Pray with Christina Patterson

Text teach us to pray with Christina Patterson and a picture of a woman sitting at a desk with a notebook and pen,
12 Best Podcasts for Christian Women

Duration – Varied Mostly 15-20 mins

Whether you have been praying for years, or you are a new Christian just beginning to develop your prayer life, there are times when we could all use some encouragement. This podcast brings clear practical teaching on all aspects of our faith in relation to prayer. And each episode brings practical tips that we can apply to deepen our relationship with God through the power of prayer.

Frequency – Bi-Monthly

Storming the Gates a Prayer Podcast with Joni Scott

12 Best Podcasts for Christian women - Text Storming the Gates Prayer Podcast with a picture of a black knight in armor holding a lance on a black horse
12 Best Podcasts for Christian Women

Duration 20-30 mins

The host shares honestly from her own experience and brings biblical insight. This podcast brings gentle encouragement in all aspects of prayer to strengthen and build our faith. Mainly episodes that are clear bible teaching about prayer, but also exploring those prayer-related doubts and questions that we can all struggle with.

Frequency – Monthly episodes.

Praying Christian Women with Alana Terry & Jaime Hampton

12 Best Podcasts for Christian women - Text Praying Christian Women on a peach background
12 Best Podcasts for Christian Women

Duration – Varied 40-60 mins

Changing the world one prayer at a time is one of the tag-lines for this podcast! All things related to prayer from discussions with Christian influencers and prayer warriors to guided prayer times. The website linked to the podcast has some additional prayer resources, including a quiz to discover your prayer personality and tips to help your prayer life!

Frequency – Weekly

Your Daily Prayer Podcast –

Text Your Daily Prayer and a picture of hands joined together over a table, iBelieve.
12 Best Podcasts for Christian Women

Duration 5-7 mins.

Start each day with a prayer or Scripture, then a short reflection from the team of women at This podcast brings encouragement to begin our day grounded in the word of God and prayer. It would also be great to listen to for a coffee break moment, if we feel the need to refresh and refocus ourselves.

Frequency – Daily

Christian Podcasts for Women – Daily Life

In this section, there are discussions and teaching on current issues and some gentle encouragement for those who are feeling overwhelmed with the busyness of life. Then there are also some deeper topics to dig into, such as the role and value of women, and the relevance and use of spiritual gifts. In these podcasts for Christian women, there is something for everyone as we all in faith negotiate our way through life.

Podcasts for Christian Women

God is Within Her with Valarie Reynolds

Text God is Within Her with Valarie Reynolds and a picture of a woman with a big smile!
12 Best Podcasts for Christian Women

Duration 20-30 mins

 A devotional podcast with a weekly message to bring teaching, encouragement, and hope to Christian women. Looking at topics that either we face ourselves, or we have friends or family who are dealing with these issues. Currently, the Thursday episode of this podcast takes the format of ‘Ask Val’ where the host will attempt to provide Biblical answers to questions that have been sent by DM via social media.

Frequency Twice Weekly

The Next Right Thing with Emily P Freeman.

12 Best Podcasts for Christian women - Text - the Next Right Thing with Emily P Freeman on a black background.
12 Best Podcasts for Christian Women

Duration – Most Episodes 10-20 mins

This podcast is a gentle relaxing space, particularly for those who suffer from decision fatigue, with encouragement for daily Christian living. The host provides reflective coaching, on the theme of listening and discerning. This is with encouragement to take one step at a time, looking for the next right thing, which reduces the feeling of being overwhelmed. A faith-based message, but not overtly Biblical.

Frequency once a week

Dare 2 Hear with Debbie & Brandi Kitterman

12 Best Podcasts for Christian women - Text - Dare 2 Hear The Podcast with a feint image of a microphone on a dark blue background.
12 Best Podcasts for Christian Women

Duration – Varied 20-60 mins

The podcast is hosted by Debbie & her daughter Brandi with a mix of teaching, guest interviews, and book reviews. The episodes are all based around the theme of hearing the voice of God in everyday life. The vision of the podcast is to challenge, and invite, us to a lifestyle of prophetic encouragement that we can hear, and respond, to the voice of God today.

Frequency – Weekly

Worthy – Celebrating the Value of Christian Women with Elyse Fitzpatrick & Eric Schumacher

Text - The Podcast Worthy Elyse Fitzpatrick & Eric Schumacher. A black background and a green twisted scarf down the middle of the picture.
12 Best Podcasts for Christian Women

Duration 45-50 mins


The podcast aims to promote respectful conversation on the value and roles of Christian women today. A USA-based show of weekly conversations with a variety of interesting guests exploring their roles whether at home, in a church setting, or in wider society. There were some well-known names from Christian ministry and others who were less familiar from a wide range of backgrounds.

Frequency – Weekly

Picture of a woman with headphones on  and text 12 best podcasts for christian women.
12 Best Podcasts for Christian Women

Bible Study Podcasts for Women

There are some of my favorite podcasts for Christian women in this section. I love Bible study and there is a mixture here of great teaching, with tips and ideas on how to share Scripture, to a short coffee break reflection.

One of these podcasts is a good Bible study resource packed full of useful information while another is full of faith-filled conversation and exploration of Scripture. Even if Bible Study is not your favorite thing at the moment have a read, and a listen. I hope you might find something that will help grow your love of Bible study.

Women’s Bible Study Podcasts

Help Me Teach the Bible with Nancy Guthrie

Text Help Me Teach the Bible with Nancy Guthrie Black background with the image of an open book in green.
12 Best Podcasts for Christian Women

Duration 40-60 mins

A series of interviews with renowned Bible teachers discussing how to teach specific books of the Bible. This podcast is a great resource to listen to if you are going to read, study, write, or teach on a particular theme or passage of Scripture. If you subscribe you receive notification of bi-weekly episodes of the podcast – some episodes are topical conversations. Or you can search for a particular episode through the list of the books of the Bible.

Frequency Bi-Weekly Episodes

Knowing Faith Podcast – Hosted by Jen Wilkins, JT English, Kyle Worley.

12 Best Podcasts for Christian women - Text Knowing Faith in blue with the image of an open book on a bright green background
12 Best Podcasts for Christian Women

Duration – varied typically 30-45 mins

The aim of this podcast is to explore how our faith is founded in Scripture. The format is a discussion either among the hosts themselves or with a guest. There is a mix of topical discussions and systematic exploration of Scripture – most recently through the book of Romans. The style was very relaxed and chatty, and easy listening.

Frequency – At least once a week.

Lisa Harper’s Back Porch Theology

Text Lisa Harper's Back Porch Theology substantive but not stuffy and a side view picture of a woman in a black leather jacket, laughing.
12 Best Podcasts for Christian Women

Duration – 40-60 mins

Delving into Biblical theology in conversation with friends, theologians, and academics. A balanced, non-confrontational exploration of Scripture with application for everyday life. The focus is on our relationship with God and looking at Scripture in the light of culture and context, descriptive and prescriptive text – substantive but definitely not stuffy! Although the episodes are typically 60 mins, think of the podcast as a talk show, it begins with a lighter chatty style with the guests before digging deeper into the theme and topic of the day.

Frequency – Weekly

All God’s Women Podcast Sharon Campbell Wilharm

All God's Women Picture is a silhouette of a woman's head on a red background and a thick border edging band.
12 Best Podcasts for Christian Women

Duration – 2 Minutes

Now for something completely different! I have included this in the Bible Study Podcasts for women category although the episodes are only 2 minutes long. The style is a short devotional reading systematically exploring Scripture through the eyes of the women in the Bible. Each one has a story to tell and some are well-known while others are relatively obscure but they all bring life lessons for us today!

Frequency – Every Weekday

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